How to draw grapes step by step

Once I suddenly wished to eat grapes. I like to eat them a lot and I’m sure you will not mind to draw them at least. Grapes are divine berries.

How to draw grapes

Actually grape is a dangerous fruit. You can often see it on multistoried houses, as it’s a parasitizing plant. Its juice after being processed has a strange effect on people. The drink that makes people crazy is called wine. Wine is the blood of brutally murdered grapes, genetically purified and aged in barrels liquid. Long time ago people squeezed out the juice from the berries with their feet. Unfortunately, grape managed to intoxicate a lot of people, so now they try to make wine out of some powder. This product is even more dangerous as it is cheaper and easily available. The only person who used wine for the good of mankind was Jesus, but he didn’t reveal his secret to anyone.

Here are the best ways to destroy grapes:

  • Eat green berries so they will not be able to ripe;
  • Dry it out till it turns into raisins, then it loses its evil power;
  • If grape tries to grow up to your window – use a flamethrower or a nuclear warhead;
  • Trained people can drink pure wine. But when their body gets too much of it, they start to look horrible, smell bad and spend little time at home. Society avoids them and it is the right thing to do.

And now we can try to draw:

How to draw grapes step by step

Step 1.

How to draw grapes step by step 1

Step 2.

How to draw grapes step by step 2

Step 3.

How to draw grapes step by step 3

Step 4.

How to draw grapes step by step 4

Step 5.

How to draw grapes step by step 5

I recommend you to draw:

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  2. Watermelon;
  3. Banana;
  4. Cherries;
  5. Pear;

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