How to draw a knife step by step

Some time ago life was quite boring, so people were sharpening stones and made fire. Besides they were trying to survive and lived in caves. All that made their life even more miserable. So they were making the stones sharp. With time they started to call a sharp stone – a knife. First they used it for drawing on the walls different surrealistic pictures: a man killing a mammoth, shamans, etc. Nowadays everything is much easier – you just need a pencil which is not hard to find and draw modern things. So I decided to choose not an ordinary thing for this, but the knife that belongs to Bear Grills.

How to draw a knife

A knife is a cold weapon till you start making it hot with the help of fire or spirits. The first people to use knives were Jedi.

Bear Grills can build a castle in the middle of the desert with the help of his knife.

Here are some ways to use the knife:

  • You can throw knives in a woman tied to something;
  • With its help it is very convenient to butter a piece of bread;
  • A long knife is called a sword;
  • You are not allowed to carry cold weapon with you, but there are some types of knives that are not considered a cold weapon;
  • A knife is a very convenient tool. It makes no sound and doesn’t shoot unexpectedly;
  • It is a bad sign to gift a knife. But in the samurai countries it is a very good sign.

First I wanted to buy Bear Grills knife, but when I found out the price, I decided to draw it.

How to draw a knife step by step

Step 1. Sketch 2 rectangles where you will draw the knife and the cover.


Step 2. Draw the blade and the buckles on the cover.


Step 3. Correct the contours and show the engraving on the blade.


Step 4. Outline the contours and erase extra lines. Done!


Try to draw:

  1. Rifle;
  2. Cannon;
  3. Pistol;

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