How to draw chef step by step

Everybody wants to eat always and everywhere. Of course we could do with cornflakes, sandwiches and half-stuff, but it’s not very healthy for our body. So there is a special person who does everything for us not to be hungry. I am sure you know that I’m talking about a chef.

How to draw chef

A chef is the last person in the food chain. He can turn simple products in masterpiece and sell them for a high price. You should be really talented to become a good chef. It is an inborn ability. If you don’t feel that to be a cook is your calling, you will get fed up with food very soon and will stop cooking even for yourself.

Usually chefs don’t eat what they cook. They just try it to see if the taste is right. Not everyone knows how hard it is to cook thousands of dishes without having a right for mistake.

  • Every person is a chef if he has ever cooked anything himself;
  • This profession is not the most ancient;
  • People learnt to make beer long time BC;
  • Nowadays we can see more chefs cooking on TV than in the kitchen;
  • Some chefs go crazy. One of them even killed his girlfriend because she didn’t want to try his meal. So be careful when you choose your future husband.

And now we will try to draw this important person.

How to draw chef step by step

Step 1. We sketch a person in a big hat.

How to draw chef step by step 1

Step 2. Sketch the hands and draw lines on his face – future facial features.

How to draw chef step by step 2

Step 3. Draw his clothes with buttons. Then add the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears.

How to draw chef step by step 3

Step 4. We just need to show his moustache and do shading.

How to draw chef step by step 4

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