How to draw eyelashes step by step

Humans always keep in touch with cosmos through meditation, sacrifices, taking different substances, keeping to diets, but unfortunately as most of us descended from monkeys, cosmos decided to take it easy and to give us a special tool for communication. This tool is our lashes. And today we will find out how to draw them.

How to draw eyelashes step by step

Eyelashes are hair sprouts around our eyes with personal IP address, sensitivity to impulses and data base. They are the main center of perception of intuition, women’s logic, advanced mathematics and worldwide conspiracy. When blinking, we break the flows of information in the air and this way the information gets straight to our brain without processing. In such moments we suddenly have brilliant and very silly ideas such as to become a cosmonaut, to drive a car with garbage, etc. As our brain gets tired of too much thinking, we fall asleep as soon as we close eyes.

Some companies develop technologies to make our lashes longer and thicker. The discoverer of such technology was the company Maybelline. The name of the company means “life in eyelashes” in the Papuan language. If you are among those lucky ones who have access to such technology then you need to know that:

  • Long and thick eyelashes improve your perceptions, but it might be hard to wear them;
  • Some singers think that you can fly with the help of lashes, especially if you blink intensively;
  • Only mammals have them;
  • The longest eyelashes has the Indian guy, the length of his lashes is 4,7 cm. He can surely fly;
  • Generally we have about 200 lashes.

And now, when we know all the truth, we can start drawing.

How to draw eyelashes step by step

Step 1. It’s not possible to draw eyelashes without eyes. That’s why first we draw an oval – the eye.

How to draw eyelashes step by step 1

Step 2. We draw the eyelids and the contours of the eyebrows.

How to draw eyelashes step by step 2

Step 3. After, we show the eye pupil and the eye-socket.

How to draw eyelashes step by step 3

Step 4. And now we draw the eye contours with all the shades.

How to draw eyelashes step by step 4

Step 5. Now we can show the lashes with a thick line.

How to draw eyelashes step by step 5

I hope the lesson was useful for you and you can draw eyelashes now. Tell me your ideas for future lessons. You can order a lesson here, on the page for orders.

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