How to draw Sasori step by step

I go on talking about Japanese anime. You all know the cartoon “Naruto”. It is so long that it surpasses all other series. I have already mentioned different characters of anime, but they all were kind and bright. But evil never sleeps. That’s why today’s lesson is for those who are on the side of the dark – we will draw Sasori.

How to draw Sasori

Sasori of the Red Sand is a puppeteer and a ventriloquist. When he was a kid he was very gloomy and sad, but after his parents’ death he became even more sad. He still had his grandma who tried to make him feel better, but she didn’t succeed and that’s why she taught him to manipulate puppets. He made artificial parents, but they couldn’t replace his real family. So, after he even turned himself into a puppet. This helped him to save on food, heating and insurance.

Sasori is a Scorpio by horoscope and his name means scorpion. Green nail polish and his wish to turn everything into puppets can be attributed to his little whims. His grandmother killed him as she understood how bad he was. He could fight with her, but decided to go the same resort as his parents.

  • His collection consists of 298 puppets. The last two of them should be Sakura and his grandmother, but for some reason it didn’t happen.
  • His puppet body makes him the best ventriloquist in the world. If he wasn’t so gloomy and sad he might become very popular.
  • He loves poisons. He created a poison from which there is no antidote. Only Sakura managed to heal him.

But now let’s draw.

How to draw Sasori step by step

Step 1. We start from sketching the body with a raised hand.

How to draw Sasori step by step 1

Step 2. We show the facial features, the clothes and his shoes.

How to draw Sasori step by step 2

Step 3. Add several folds to the mantle.

How to draw Sasori step by step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and do shading.

How to draw Sasori step by step 4

Try to draw:

  1. Sakura Haruno;
  2. Hinata;
  3. Itachi Uchiha;
  4. Gaara;
  5. Naruto;

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