How to draw candles step by step

Sooner or later everyone becomes romantic. Some people love romantic dinners in expensive restaurants. For men romance is very expensive, though they don’t try to make it their hobby. But women adore such things — they become very happy even from minor romantic deeds. And of course they all love candles. We will draw them today.

How to draw candles

Candles are shaped things made of wax, pigs’ fat and chemical waste. They serve us to maintain fire and save energy. They raise the level of mystique at home and if you have a good candlestick, it will create an illusion of Middle Ages. There are different kinds of candles and some of them are used in medicine. But we will not talk about them today.

  • A candle is not just a product. There is a candlefish somewhere in the ocean, but not many people know about it.
  • At first candles were made of some fat that smelled bad and gave a dim light.
  • A cake looks much brighter with candles.
  • Candles are closely connected with church where they are often used.

Let’s draw now.

How to draw candles step by step

Step 1. You will need several rectangles and squares.

How to draw candles step by step 1

Step 2. Draw a big candlestick and two smaller ones.

How to draw candles step by step 2

Step 3. Outline the contours and add burning wicks.

How to draw candles step by step 3

Step 4. Do shading and hatch the surface of the table.

How to draw candles step by step 4

Try to draw:

  1. Icon;
  2. Needle;
  3. Matchbox;
  4. Cross;

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