How to draw Flora step by step

A lot of our readers wanted to draw Flora from WINX.  Flora is our local magician, both a forester and a wood nymph. According to the Romans, Flora is the goddess of spring and flowers, but in fact, flora is a number of plants so we surely think that flora was found in cabbage. Her native place was shown only once. We know nothing about her parents. She has long brown hair and dark skin like Jennifer Lopez.  As any average teenage fairy she likes pink clothes, she is very indecisive and often feels sorry for her enemies. Her boyfriend Heliya is not just an ordinary guy, he is a magician too. Flora has a lot of friends. Her roommate is Bloom. So as Bloom is the main character of the cartoon, Flora has a lot of attention too.

How to draw Flora


  • Flora likes to study like Musa and not just because of her strange name. She is very beautiful, much more than her boyfriend.
  • Her boyfriend likes to study much!
  • Once Flora saved the whole forest together with her friend connecting the powers of nature and water. She should be honored by the Greenpeace for sure. Perhaps this cartoon is just a wise advertisement!

Now you can try to draw her:

How to draw Flora step by step

Step 1. Sketch the beautiful dancing girl.

How to draw Flora step by step 1

Step 2. Add the wings.

How to draw Flora step by step 2

Step 3. Try to correct the contours and draw the clothes.

How to draw Flora step by step 3

Step 4. Now show the facial features and the rest of the clothes and her jewelry.

How to draw Flora step by step 4

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