How to draw love step by step

This topic is not simple and very delicate. People have always tried to understand what love is and how it works. I don’t even say anything about drawing it. It is difficult as nobody knows how it looks. But still we will try.

How to draw love

Love is a common name for non-platonic relation between humans. Animals didn’t manage to master this tricky technique as they don’t have enough time for this. Their main goals are survival and procreation. In civilized society there are many traditions and festivals generated by this feeling. The 8th of March, St. Valentine’s Day and the Wedding Day are among them.

  • The largest number of stupid things is done under the influence of love and alcohol.
  • There would be no pop songs without it.
  • We are still alive because God loves us.
  • There is a special symbol with the help of which we can express this feeling – a heart. We drew it last time.

And now we will try to draw love with the help of Rose and Jack Dawson from Titanic.

How to draw love step by step

Step 1. Sketch the body contours.

How to draw love step by step 1

Step 2. We add the details and the facial features.

How to draw love step by step 2

Step 3. Sketch the clothes.

How to draw love step by step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and do hatching.

How to draw love step by step 4

Step 5. Correct all contours and do shading.

How to draw love step by step 5

Try to draw:

  1. Tears;
  2. Grandma;
  3. Pregnant Woman;
  4. Queen;
  5. Witch;
  6. Jasmine;
  7. Cinderella;
  8. Snow Queen;

Would you like to draw more feelings and emotions? Write me about it on this page and I will prepare the lesson for you.

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