How to draw a spaceship step by step

There are millions of planets where people didn’t bring plastic bags and their flags. It would be better if cars had space engines, space suits were served with beer and aggressive alien race wouldn’t try to destroy the mankind. So today we will try to draw a spacecraft.

How to draw a spaceship step by step

A spaceship is a means of spreading human contagion on a galactic scale. It is also a garbage truck equipped with nanotechnologies. Its main purpose isn’t to explore dark depths of space but exportation of food remnants outside our planet.

Advantages and disadvantages of spaceships:

  • You can go for holiday any time. Your neighbor’s lawn will be destroyed but in some minutes you will enjoy fiery storms and hurricanes somewhere on Venus.
  • You will never be like Yuri Gagarin, but you can still be proud of being a cosmonaut. No problem if you haven’t planted a tree yet or if your son is already a big silly boy, you will always have a way out running away beyond our planet.
  • There are no traffic rules in space, so you can do any pirouettes you like.

And now we slowly come to drawing.

How to draw a spaceship step by step

Step 1. We draw a template for our spaceship in the shape of geometric figures. Then mark the areas for engines.

How to draw a spaceship step 1

Step 2. Now we draw jet turbines, correct the contours of the ship and add weapon under it.

How to draw a spaceship step 2

Step 3. We show the contours with thick lines and add necessary details to the wing. Outline the contours and add number 09.

How to draw a spaceship step 3

Step 4. We hatch the ship’s surface with light horizontal lines and shade windows, turbines and weapon.

How to draw a spaceship step 4

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