About the author

Age: unspecified

Status: unemployed artist

Height: 176 cm (+5 cm with hair)

Character: kind, positive (to his mind)

Favorite color: missing

Personality: a little unbalanced, prone to depressive and suicidal moods, with low self-esteem; doesn’t accept authority; looks for bugs in everything and either uses them or tries to fix them; raised by gamers.

Life motto: sound mind cannot come up with the brilliant idea

He doesn’t belong to any subculture. He has difficulties with self-determination, that’s why his style, interests and life attitudes are wildly eclectic.

Beliefs: Large amount of information compensates for the lack of intuition and the desire to work and to learn – for the lack of life experience. Love compensates for the lack of money.

He is an inveterate workaholic. He rests only when there is no strength to go on. He doesn’t like excessive praise and easily accepts constructive criticism.

He is not religious. He believes in numbers, truth and conspiracy theory.

He is afraid of heights and scared to lose time. He is going to live forever and he succeeded so far.

He avoids enemies.

His creative period begins after midnight, depression and lack of food in his body.

He thinks that you must make your brain feel happy.

He tries to memorize all that is born in his mind despite the overspeed in these operations.

Life goal: He wants to achieve such success to get into Wikipedia.


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