How to draw ball step by step

Many readers write to me about the sport. I will try to prepare them all. And let us start with a simple. I’ll show you how to draw the ball. Regular football, see image:

How to draw ball

There is a profession to run with the ball. Yes, on our planet, there are people who can own the ball so skillfully that they are paid millions of American dollars.

In what games we can use balls:

  • Football, ice hockey (yes, there is even), polo, basketball, handball;
  • Volleyball, tennis, table tennis;
  • Baseball, cricket, rounders;
  • Golf, bowling;
  • Petanque, Bowles, bocce;
  • Even in gymnastics;

And there are millions street games with the ball that kids are coming up every day. Perhaps the secret of the popularity of this subject lies in its circular shape. Playing with a square ball would be dangerous, because of sharp edges.

Contrary to public opinion, it is not so easy to be a professional athlete. So let’s support all our athletes who defend the honor of our country. And draw them as a gift:

How to draw ball step by step

Step one. In the center of the sheet draw a square and then enter the circle.

How to draw ball step by step 1

Step Two. Then picture a sphere, it should be smooth, but it is better to draw by hand.

How to draw ball step by step 2

Step Three. We represent the tires.

How to draw ball step by step 3

Step Four. Add shading to the realism. This is done:

How to draw ball step by step 4

DO you like to play football? Did you like my lesson? If so, send your pictures and attach them down this article.

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