How to draw sneakers step by step

In my opinion, this is one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind. Convenient, always fashionable, suitable for all. If you cannot think of what to dress your character, just draw him in sneakers. Especially for you I have created a tutorial on how to draw sneakers.

how to draw sneakers step by step 4


My favorite company is Nike and Adidas. All the cool kids are wearing sneakers:

How to draw sneakers step by step

Step one. I decided to draw only someone’s legs. If you are interested in drawing full bodies, see my other lessons about portraits. There will be just feet:

how to draw sneakers step by step 1

Step Two. It is important to remember that in sneakers, like any other shoe, the heel is always fixed and does not change its shape, and socks should be slightly bent. When walking, it does not play a strong role, but athletic shoes designed for running, so it is very important. Try to repeat the form of sneakers.

how to draw sneakers step by step 2

Step Three. I draw socks. The lines on the shoes are not just patterns. There is a model of Air Max.

how to draw sneakers step by step 3

Step Four. In places where the foot is in contact with the ground we will add more shading. It will create a realistic shadow:

how to draw sneakers step by step 4

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  1. a lot about someone light socks, dark socks, high socks, short socks. Light socks: Not much of a faoshin sense. Thinks it is a safe bet until he shows up with black sneakers and white socks indicating that he is a D.P. looking for his immigration cardDark Socks: With white sneakers, I clearly just grabbed the only pair of matching socks in my drawer. My wife does the laundry and my kids take every pair I have. I have no control in my house.High Socks to the Knee: My social security check comes monthly.Medium Socks: Not old enough for AARP and I really don’t care what kind of socks I am wearing.Short Socks: I am confident enough to display a Nike Label and probaby suffer from ADHD because I absolutely hate textures and when my socks fall off into my sneaker when I am walking. Ultra Short Socks: I don’t have big feet. I am a faoshinista and want people to think I don’t sweat and I don’t need to flush when I dump because everything smells like roses.

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