How to draw a classroom step by step

How I miss my childhood! They say that student years are the best in life, but I cannot agree with this. School years were the best time for me. I will tell you how to draw a classroom.

How to draw a classroom step by step

I have a lot of positive memories connected to school. Though at that time I didn’t like and didn’t care about it. Only now I see how great that time was. I remember how we skipped classes and made our teachers crazy. But we knew measures! We did it 4 days a week only! Every teacher had a nickname. I hope they will never know them. We called our English teacher a “zombie” (perhaps she knew it as she shouted at us like mad all the time), teacher of literature was a “fox “(she had red hair), and many others. Not many people heard of my school, it’s not so interesting. But there are some interesting facts about schools in other countries:

  • Beer at school. In Belgium there is a kind of beer with 1,5% of alcohol. They say it’s good for digestion and is served with food. The thing is that this beer was served at schools in 1970s, though later they decided that ordinary sparkling water was better.
  • In New York they once decided to start an anti-drug campaign. They wrote “I’m too cool to be an addict” on pencils. But the funny thing was that after sharpening pencils sooner or later the saying turned into “Cool to be an addict”.
  • “Pedagogue” in Greece meant a slave who was taking a child to school and back home. Usually it was someone who couldn’t do any other work.

If you still go to school you should enjoy these years, this is the greatest time of relaxation and tranquility. Later it will change… so be happy with your class and draw your classroom now.

How to draw a classroom step by step

Step 1.

How to draw a classroom step 1

Step 2.

How to draw a classroom step 2

Step 3.

How to draw a classroom step 3

Step 4.

How to draw a classroom step 4

Step 5.

How to draw a classroom step 5

Try also to draw other buildings:

  1. Big Ben;
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle;
  3. House;
  4. Village;
  5. Fortress;
  6. Hut;

If you liked the lesson, don’t forget to share this information with your classmates. And tell us some funny nicknames of your teachers at school.


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