How to draw bench step by step

Bench is a great place to:

  1. Meet with the girl;
  2. Get-togethers with friends;
  3. Recreation grandparents;
  4. Doing nothing all day;

In addition, you can take notes and draw sketches for the surrounding countryside while sitting on her right. Usually benches put in the parks, so I recommend you check out my drawing lessons park. And then I’ll show you how to draw bench step by step. For beginners, it may seem easy and commonplace.

how to draw bench


But as soon as they begin to draw immediately realize that without an elementary knowledge of the laws of perspective nothing happens. If you fail the first time, do not worry. You can always ask me your questions at the bottom of this publication. Now go to the drawing benches:

How to draw bench

Step one. Draw geometric shape that resembles a piano.

how to draw bench step by step 1

Step Two. The farther from the observation point is the bench, the lower the sound its size. But remember that all elements of the bench must be on parallel lines.

how to draw bench step by step 2

Step Three. Contours contours.

how to draw bench step by step 3

Step Four. Adding shadows. Done:

how to draw bench step by step 4

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