How to draw an aquarium step by step

When we hear the word World or Universe, we imagine a place inhabited by strange creatures that look like humans, spirits, fans of reality shows or other scum. But there are other worlds. And today we will talk about the water world. And it will be not our toilet, but an aquarium that we will learn to draw.

How to draw an aquarium step 5

The water world fascinates everyone. We can stare at the aquarium for hours watching everyday life of scaled of different sizes and kinds. There is more water than dry land on the earth but not to all places people had put their aqualungs. The water world is not completely examined. We can only imagine what’s there on the very bottom. There may be huge shrimps hungry for revenge or lovely mermaids.

If to believe evolutionists, we all got out of the water. And a fish is our ancestor. Listen to this story: once upon a time the Earth was empty and dead. There was not a single germ there. There was only wind and hot lava around. But one day a meteorite came to the earth and hit it so strong that different mutation started to take place. We will not talk about the whole process, but soon germs from space got into the water and started to interact with the environment. This is how first organisms appeared on the earth. And this is where we live now in our cozy homes with aquariums.

Let me tell you some more facts about aquariums:

  • Did you know that catfish like to swim with their bellies up? And they even feel great while doing it. If you ever see that don’t hurry with cardiac massage.
  • Another interesting fish is a knife-fish. It is very popular because she doesn’t have either pectorals or dorsal fins. It swims only with the help of a rear fin.
  • Anostomus spends the biggest part of its life in vertical position. Their coloring helps them to hide among seaweed. If this doesn’t help, they can change the position to horizontal and run away.

Watching fish soothes me. And what about you?It’s like hypnosis. It seems like they swim so slow and the time stops for a while. I want to have an aquarium so much, that’s why I drew it. And I recommend you to do the same.

How to draw an aquarium step by step

Step 1.

How to draw an aquarium step 1

Step 2.

How to draw an aquarium step 2

Step 3.

How to draw an aquarium step 3

Step 4.

How to draw an aquarium step 4

Step 5.

How to draw an aquarium step 5

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