How to draw money step by step

What is the sense of life? We could try to say that we live for our kids or to protect our planet. Some of us consider our existence as superior power, that we were created by some alien race. But life is such a complicated thing! It’s hard to understand it. If to think about it we will find that the sense of life is money according to many people. That’s why I will tell you how to draw money.

How to draw money step 5

Our life depends on it in many ways. Of course money is not as important as air for us, but we are nothing without it. One smart man said that happiness is not about money, but we will hardly find happiness without it. It’s simple. We are beautiful, healthy and attractive thanks to money. Is it so bad? I don’t think so, as it is a part of human nature to want a good life. Utopians could imagine world without money, but it’s not possible physically, as we need “bread and circuses”.

Here are some facts about this paper:

  • Money has not always been made of paper. Before they used mostly coins. The heaviest one was a Swedish coin. Its weight was about 19 kg. It was not easy to carry such money with you.
  • You don’t have to return money you borrowed. The Celts were sure you can do it in the other world. It doesn’t work nowadays! It would be great if you could come to the bank and ask for a couple of thousands promising to pay them back in the afterlife.
  • Everybody knows that famous men are depicted on coins or banknotes. And usually it’s males. Though there is one exception –Martha Washington. She is the only female whose portrait is carved on a dollar silver coin.

I would recommend you not to tell anyone about this lesson, as drawing money is not legal. Though we shouldn’t be scared, even gypsies wouldn’t be interested in our money.

How to draw money step by step

Step 1. Let’s draw 100 dollar note. For this we need to draw a rectangle. Then we mark the details: portrait, coat-of-arms and nomenclature.

How to draw money step 1

Step 2. We draw “100” in every corner and in the right half of the note. We will need the portrait of Franklin in the center.

How to draw money step 2

Step 3. The portrait should look natural, not like a forgery. We outline all the contours and shade the left corner.

How to draw money step 3

Step 4.Do shading and try to create a unique banknote.

How to draw money step 4

Step 5.

How to draw money step 5

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