How to draw rhino step by step

Below you will find simple instructions on how to draw rhino. (Not to be confused with a unicorn!) Without any preparation you can do it. Here’s a picture for clarity:

How to draw rhino

Rhinoceros — there is a very peaceful, if not go into its territory. He leads a lonely recluse. Happy prefer to sleep and philosophizing about the meaning of life. In the evening when the heat subsides, it may take a more active chores. Just like me.

The kindness of their soul feel the birds, and often sit on their back or on the horn on its head. It is unrelated to the bad intentions. On the contrary help birds rhinos, brushing their skin from parasites. Such is a boring life it takes place in Africa.

Funny observation of life:

  • Do rhinos is two horns;
  • They love to wallow in the mud and bathe in water;
  • The vision they have not so hot, but the approach of the enemy feel many kilometers;

And their fun to draw:

How to draw rhino step by step

Step one. Carefully review the structure of his body. Below is shown how it can be divided into sectors. Repeat as host.

How to draw rhino step by step 1

Step Two. Circle the contours of the body.

How to draw rhino step by step 2

Step Three. Delete the construction lines, add details: eyes, ears and a horn.

How to draw rhino step by step 3

Step Four. Circle Line fatter eraser and erase superfluous.

How to draw rhino step by step 4

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