How to draw iphone 6 step by step

I like to draw cool stuff. This device is considered the coolest in the world. And in general, all devices that are at the beginning of words starting with “I” receive a bonus over9000 points to coolness. So I call this lesson how to draw iphone 6. I can still do for you a portrait of Steve Jobs. If you want please write to me about it in the comments below.

how to draw iphone 6

Frankly, I’ve never had my own iPhone, but my friend has, who kindly allowed me to poke at buttons. More precisely could move your finger across the monitor, because iPhone has only two buttons.

I knew the secret of the popularity of iPhones. The fact that even though the phone has few functions, but it performs them in the highest such level that no one on other devices. And iphone can be taught to use additional programs that refer to the network or gain official apple store. This phone be as well to deal with them. He also has a super cool design. He is coolness in simplicity. There are no bells and whistles, colored balls and seals. Everything is simple and tasteful. Can you draw such a simple and yet very complex thing as an iPhone? Let’s check it out:

How to draw iphone 6 step by step

Step one. I will draw an iPhone that keeps someone the man’s hand. If I had my iPhone, I would sfotkal and depicted his hand.

how to draw iphone 6 step by step 1

Step Two. You can take a line and use it to make a straight line. But only the iPhone. Hand Draw yourself in the lives of these straight lines do not exist.

how to draw iphone 6 step by step 2

Step Three. I paint the iPhone with the included monitor. So it will be more beautiful. All icons better to draw by hand. They must be the same, it will be a good workout.

how to draw iphone 6 step by step 3

Step Four. Add shading to make the iPhone more vivid picture.

how to draw iphone 6 step by step 4

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