How to draw a bell step by step

A bell is used every day in religious institutions for inviting people to attend a service or celebrate holidays. You can use small bells for cattle when they get lost or you could attach it to your door if you live as a recluse without electricity. A bell has a domed shape with a lug inside that produces the sound by hitting against the bell. The biggest bell in the world is the Tsar Bell. It weighs 201,924 kg and is located in Moscow Kremlin.

How to draw a bell step by step

Campanology is the study of bells. Let me tell you a little about it:

  • Synchronous sound of bells is called Mellow Chime.
  • You think Big Ben is the name of the tower in London? I will disappoint you, it’s not a tower and not even a big clock, this name was given to the Bell as it was the biggest bell at the time it was made. And later people started to call Big Ben the whole tower.
  • There is a tradition to ring the bell on ships when a new captain comes.

And now let’s start drawing.

How to draw a bell step by step

Step 1. We draw a square and our bell will be inside of it.

How to draw a bell step 1

Step 2. Let’s sketch the bell with a light touch. It has a handle and a small lug.

How to draw a bell step 2

Step 3.We outline the contours. We trace them with a thick and steady line.

How to draw a bell step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines. Now we hatch the bell with vertical lines. Its inside should be darker, so we add more shade there.

How to draw a bell step 4

I hope you coped with this task. If yes, leave your comments and don’t forget to tell me what you would like to draw next. You can do it here.

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