How to draw a crown step by step

When it’s cold and frosty outside we start thinking of headwear to keep our head warm. Designers try to create something new and unusual that could make them famous. But what do kings and queens actually wear in winter? Right, they always wear a crown. And today we will learn to draw it.

How to draw a crown step by step

Rich people like to wear not comfortable but beautiful things. And a crown is the most desired among them. Nowadays it can be worn on extremely important occasions. But many years ago it was different. Kings and queens were supposed to wear their crowns 24 hours a day. To carry 5 kg on your head must be not easy. I wouldn’t envy them.

Now I would like to tell you more about crowns and their owners:

  • The most beautiful and precious crown has Prince of Wales. It was made by David Mason. The crown had a little secret that was revealed only years later: the big ball on top of it turned out to be agilded tennis ball. Though the jeweler didn’t mean to cheat, he just thought that a real golden ball would be too heavy and a poor prince could break his neck.
  • Kings can be poor too. George IV, the greatest king, borrowed a crown when he needed it. He had no money, but a king must have a crown. He could allow to borrow it only for a day.
  • Russians were more inventive. Their kings (tsars) didn’t need crowns, they had a special hat, one hat for all kings. Very smart! Besides the hat was warm and good for winter.

Let’s try to draw now.

How to draw a crown step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the crown. It will have the shape of a muffin with a cherry on top.

How to draw a crown step 1

Step 2. Now we turn the muffin in a crown with rounded contours. We round its bottom and make its corners wave-like. We add the cross on the top.

How to draw a crown step 2

Step 3. Now we mark the precious stones, we draw circles for big stones and stripes for small ones.

How to draw a crown step 3

Step 4. Now we draw the stones. There should be lots of them.

How to draw a crown step 4

Step 5. We do hatching.

How to draw a crown step 5

Leave your comments and tell me what you would like to draw next.

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