How to draw Pinocchio step by step

When I took the money from the ATM, and I have highlighted message: Print check? And at the bottom draw a tree, beneath red capital letters — Save the trees, do not use paper. And I was thinking about: Dad Carlo kept the money on credit? And then he create a wooden child, he never care about the nature. Today you will learn how to draw Pinocchio — the result of misuse of the gifts of nature.

How to draw Pinocchio


By the way, It will be Russian Pinocchio, called Buratino. Do you heard about him?

How to draw Pinocchio

Step one. In our example, no Pinocchio himself, along with pals: blue-haired melancholy Pierrot and Malvina. Create a paper match-three men, two common and Malvina with a skirt, it’s clear the matter.

How to draw Pinocchio 1

Step Two. Based on sketches, draw a body with all its parts. Handing Pinocchio cap on his head and a golden key in hand. Malvina in hand draw incomprehensible substance, and Piero hold prototype of colors.

How to draw Pinocchio 2

Step Three. We heed to the clothes of the characters. Pass the liveliness of the movement, as they danced with joy, unknown to us, and draw all the folds of clothing, buttons, shoes, shoes, top hats with hair.

How to draw Pinocchio 3

Step Four. Remained unfinished only those characters. Fix and draw features. For more dynamic dance add a little folds and shadows on each garment. Underfoot likeness grass.

How to draw Pinocchio 4

Fairy-tale characters always fun to draw, and if you have ideas for the drawing, which are not yet on the site, write them on this page. I will be very grateful, and will soon do the lessons on these topics.

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