How to draw glasses on a face

Nobody’s perfect. The theory of evolution says that the strongest survives. But in the case with people all is opposite. Our body is fragile. Power barely enough to raise own weight, the speed is at the level of a beaver, and the vision is not an eagle. But a human mind is excellent, and he came up with a lot of inventions. Now let’s talk about this one. You will learn how to draw eyeglasses.

How to draw eyeglasses

Glasses are not for vision improvement, but for its normalization. Most glasses are replaced by lenses, which are more convenient to use, but needs a lot of attention and affection.

In addition, the glasses have a plus, which will never have lenses — they make smart person. Statistically man in glasses looks smarter. But that’s not all. Sunglasses protect us from evil and nasty sun that tries to dazzle us with ultraviolet light.

You can draw this cool device yourself.

How to draw glasses on a face

Step One. Sketch a rounded shape with two lines emanating from it below. As you understand, this is head and shoulders.

How to draw glasses on a face 1

Step Two. Proceed to drawing the facial elements. Lennon — still the hairy rocker harmoniously spreads his hair on the head of a pencil.

How to draw glasses on a face 2

Step Three. In this step, you will do two things: first, draw a beautiful and good enormous eyes, certainly in the interest round glasses, lips, nose, neck — do not forget, the second — gradually move on to, to remove all the unnecessary stripes, splashes, clean up the paper from contamination.

How to draw glasses on a face 3

Step Four. The case for small. Since the figure is already cleared, it remains only to revive it by adding more realistic shadows and shade right places.

How to draw glasses on a face 4

I hope this article was useful to you. And I know one thing about you — you are sure you have interesting ideas for lessons, and, most importantly, I know you want us to write about them here. And below you are waiting for more lessons on portraits and others:

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