How To Draw A Walrus

What we are going to do? We will learn how to draw a walrus. Take crayons and pastels. You can even take a simple pencil. No matter. The main thing is realistic drawing of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225345.923

Step one. We represent the letter W.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225301.650

Step Two. Connect the ends of the letters and get the head of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225304.211

Step Three. Draw eyes and freckles.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225306.578

Step Four. Draw a nose and mustache.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225309.634

Step Five. Draw sharp teeth.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225311.642

Step Six. I draw the body of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225318.354

Step Seven. On the fins we make a line.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225321.642

Step Eight. Now back. It looks like a mermaid bottom. Or fish. As you wish.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225329.962

Step Nine. Clearly stroke a path. Finish:

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225336.186

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