How to draw wedding step by step

Now we will learn how to draw wedding.

How to draw wedding

Wedding is the main fear of men, and the greatest happiness for women. I do not know why exactly, but this is the stereotype. It’s one thing to meet with a girl, give flowers, nurture and get the stars from the sky on a regular basis, the other — to tie the knot. Then comes the responsibility. The word, which some men throwing into convulsions. He married, and has not only responsible for his adventures, then you and the wife with her eternal needs, and the kids really arise.

Marriage — a process invented in order to give a higher power, the gods, and someone else there, know that you are here, so beautiful and good, love each other and are ready to live all your life together and die in the same bed. It is not clear why the higher powers know such intimate details, but tradition is tradition. The reason for this is that in those days, when there was no Wikipedia and Google looked like a pile of papyrus, people believed that the gods will punish them for each offense. And it worked, a wife cooking dinner beautiful and delicious, a man defending his home and his family with full dedication.

But the wedding — it’s always great fun. If you remove all the stereotype, that people who go to the wedding, confidence in each other, and it means a lot.

How to draw wedding step by step

Step one. As a lesson about lovers, here we draw a couple. And, then, first draw a template body corresponding lines.

How to draw wedding step by step 1

Step Two. Now carefully draw the proper body, I have people on the ground, so that later you are not confused, because at this stage it is not clear who is who.

How to draw wedding step by step 2

Step Three. In this step, we will take up the full face. Draw basic features. In addition, we draw a veil girl.

How to draw wedding step by step 3

Step Four. Contours of a drawing thick lines, and remove unnecessary. Just add a bunch of flowers in the hands of lovers.

How to draw wedding step by step 4

Step Five. Costume sketches men dress and add a shadow, as it should be white.

How to draw wedding step by step 5

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