How to draw chinchilla step by step

Now we know how to draw a chinchilla. This is a wonderful animal, from which produce fur coats, hats and handbags.

Step one. Draw a circle, indicating the chinchilla’s head, and the second body. To attach the head two oval shapes, it will be the ears.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212547.321

Step Two. Connect the following with crooked lines. So to get a sketch of the animal’s body. Who is still unknown. From the blank can get anything. Even a rat, owl or a kangaroo.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212550.995

Step Three. Therefore, it is important to add small touches of fur. We start with the head, then legs.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212621.809

Step Four. Now we undertake the rest of the body. Erase the sketch.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212628.649

Step Five. Add shadows.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212633.539

Step Six. Finish:

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212709.897

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