How to draw Persian cat

You decided to get pet at home? I advise you to think hundred times before you get a cat. Normal pooch is not whimsical. But purebred cat pat your nerves. It is necessary to clean up, he needs to buy expensive food, expensive toys. Especially dangerous are these criminals: British Shorthair, Persian, Siamese and Abyssinian. These fluffy terrorists destroy your house and maybe someday the entire planet. And do not say I did not warn you.

How to Draw Persian Cat

If you are brave enough to continue, then see how to draw Persian cat and adores her, as she will not destroy your life. Good luck brothers.

How to draw Persian cat

Step one. Draw two circles. The first refers to the head of a cat, the second body.

How to Draw a Cat (Persian) 1

Step Two. We are putting together community and get the body of a cat. We show line tail and paws.

How to Draw a Cat (Persian) 2

Step Three. Easy Barcode paint coat from the head.

How to Draw a Cat (Persian) 3

Step Four. Then add the wool over the body of the same technique.

How to Draw a Cat (Persian) 4

Step Five. Erase the original sketch. Carefully.

How to Draw a Cat (Persian) 5

Step Six. Add shadows.

How to Draw Persian Cat

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