How to draw Steve Jobs

There are many legends about this man. There is no one who has not heard about him. Before I show you how to draw Steve Jobs, I want to say my opinion. Steve Jobs has achieved success in life, became very wealthy, but he can’t win fight with the death. This is another example that we should not strive for fame and fortune. We are all waiting for one and the same fate. People remember what we do, not how much money we have. So follow your path, do not listen to the opinions of those who have no clue.

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Along with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Pavel Durov it changed life on the whole planet for the better. I am happy that I live in an era of great discoveries.

How to draw Steve Jobs

Step one. Let’s make a sketch of the man’s face.

How to draw Steve Jobs 1

Step Two. Start drawing eye. Then the ears and whiskers.

How to draw Steve Jobs 2

Step Three. His hair and beard is represented by uniform strokes.

How to draw Steve Jobs 3

Step Four. Erase the sketch.

How to draw Steve Jobs 4

Step Five. Adding shadows on the face. Portraits Steve Jobs is ready:

How to draw Steve Jobs 5

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