How to draw Minotaur

Hi friends, you are listening to the best artist in the world. And I will show you how to draw Minotaur. Sharpen your pencils, sit back. Minotaur — a man with a bull’s head. Or a bull with a human body. It depends where you look from. This monster came from Greek mythology. Some sources say it was a bull of Minos, other sources claim that it was an evil teacher named Taurus. I believe that in ancient times people were very stupid and were looking for adventure, where they were not. So that’s why we have so many differences in the legends.


It does not matter for us, where the legends are comes, we can create them ourselves:

How to draw Minotaur

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.


Well done!

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  1. I just want to make a quick comment to Joaco regdaring rotoscoping. It ties into CONSTRUCTION.Far too often, you see rotoscoping done badly, in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Outlined tracings that do not read well, or even flow from the previous drawing. Rotoscoping should require more thought than simply tracing. Take the important USEFUL information from the live action, of timing, don’t get wrapped up in the supposed time savings of a cheat. CONSTRUCT those drawings from simple forms STAGE THAT SCENE. EDIT out distractions of unnecessary movement, even if they might be in the live action. If an actor is wobbling, when he should be standing still, it may work better if he is actually held still in the drawing, rather than weaving due to a direct tracing.Disney seemed to have done well with their live action studies, because they used it more as a timing and posing tool without throwing away principles of what worked in animation drawn from scratch. There was still a character design that was followed. Poses were exaggerated to read better. Heirarachy of form and line weight stayed true to character design rather than what may have been photorealistically true.

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