How to draw a bed step by step

Sooner or later a time comes when we all need to go to bed. Everyone tries hard to keep himself awake with the help of coffee, or chains himself to the chair in front of his computer, hangs himself upside down or invents other interesting methods. But later he realizes all power of sleep and suddenly falls asleep no matter where he is: at work, on a bus, driving a car or with his face in a salad. But scientists say that such unhealthy sleep does more harm than good. The best way to sleep is in your warm bed. You will feel strong and refreshed in the morning. You can trust me on that, a man exhausted by sleepless nights in search of inspiration. One of our readers asked me to prepare a lesson on how to draw a bed for a little girl or a princess. I found a suitable picture. Have a look!

How to draw a bed step by step

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Our bed plays an important part in our life. It can also serve us as a table or a sleeping place for our pets. Just think what a good trampoline it could be. The bed has two states: tidy and untidy. Sometimes any surface can be your bed, even air, as sleep in vertical position is quite popular especially among students.

How you can use your bed:

  • You can lie on it, if you are bored you can ask someone to join you
  • Chuck Norris uses his bed in two ways: he either kills with it or on it
  • A sofa is not only a state of soul but also a subspecies of uncomfortable, creaking bed. It is used mostly by men.
  • You can always find monsters under it that scare you at night
  • It can fly if you throw it out of the window
  • You fight with flu under your blanket

And now we shall start.

How to draw a bed step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the furniture in the room.

How to draw a bed step 1

Step 2. We add a big window, a mirror and other details as you see on the picture.

How to draw a bed step 2

Step 3. Draw a wardrobe and an armchair.

How to draw a bed step 3

Step 4. Add shades to make it look real.

How to draw a bed step 4


You could also draw:

  1. Aquarium;
  2. Money;
  3. Bell;
  4. Crown;
  5. Cross;


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