How to draw a hippopotamus step by step

Today we will draw a hippopotamus. What do you think is more creative – to stare at the ceiling or draw a hippo? It’s a debatable question. But we will still try to depict this funny creature.How to draw a hippopotamus step 4

How to draw a hippopotamus step by step

Step 1. Take a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser.How to draw a hippopotamus step 1Step 2. Let’s draw an ellipse in the middle – the body. On the right side we add an oval – his head. At the bottom of the ellipse we add four rectangles – his legs. This all will make a body shape of the animal.

How to draw a hippopotamus step 2

Step 3. Now let’s draw the head. So far we must pay attention mostly to the main contours. As our hippo is a comic character and not a real animal, you can give rein to your imagination and experiment with ears (they can be flat, erected or even tied together) and eyes ( you can make them round, small, surprised, closed, etc.). You can make his mouth wide open. This will make an impression that this creature can talk or at least roar as a tiger.

How to draw a hippopotamus step 3

Step 4. My hippo will look like a real animal. Let’s outline his open mouth and add two small ears on the top of his head. One eye is open and looks up. We cannot see another eye. Don’t forget to erase additional lines.

How to draw a hippopotamus step 4The next lesson will be about drawing a fish. So I hope to see you soon. Leave your comments about the lessons. Perhaps you are interested in drawing something else? If so, I would like to hear your ideas.

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