How to draw a duck step by step

Today I will show you how to draw a duck. You already drew such birds as a raven, a starling, an eagle and a parrot. At first here is some information about classification of ducks:

  • A duck is a bird.
  • A drake is her husband.
  • A mallard is a wild duck.
  • A mandarin is another kind of ducks.
  • Peking duck is a yummy dish invented by Chinese people.
  • Aerodynamic duck is a scheme of the aircraft.

How to draw a duck step 5

I would like to tell you more about mating rituals of ducks.

  • Ducks come back from warm countries in spring and then start to look for a partner.
  • Males are more beautiful. And this is because they have to attract females. He looks even better and brighter in the mating season. Simply irresistible!
  • Females are less in number, especially in spring, so males have to fight for their love.
  • Several males perform ritual dances around the female.

Now we are ready to draw.

How to draw a duck step by step

Step 1. Down in the middle we draw a big and oblong body. Above it and to the right we draw a circle – the head. We add the beak. We join the head to the body with the help of an oval.

How to draw a duck step 1

Step 2. We trace the whole body with the smooth line and show the pointed tail, convex body, curved neck and protruded chest. We draw the grass on the ground around the bird.

How to draw a duck step 2

Step 3. Now we show the wing. It’s quite big. Then draw the eye and the beak.In front of the duck we draw some flowers.

How to draw a duck step 3

Step 4. We make the eye dark and bright. It is almond-shaped. She has a spotted hat on the head. All her body is covered with fine feathers. Pay attention to the shape of the wings and the tail. Let’s add more greenery.

How to draw a duck step 4

Step 5. Now we take a soft pencil and trace all the contours. We decorate the grass with flowers. All is done!

How to draw a duck step 5

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Leave your comments and tell me what other lessons you would like to see.


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