How to draw a skeleton step by step

Even before God made a big explosion and created men, dwarfs, elves and other beasts, there existed quite ephemeral creatures: angels, holy spirits, ghosts, etc. the point is that they didn’t have skeletons or to be more precise, no one have ever found them. So here is the question: why is there no flying or spiritual skeletons? Let’s find out how to draw a skeleton.

How to draw a skeleton step by step

A skeleton is the same as a frame without GMO and is used by alive or half-dead living beings. It consists of many bones attached by special glue to each other in order not to fall apart. Its purpose is to maintain the vital organs in a vertical position. It is often used in the field of horrors, nightmares, in biology and in a set for young grave robbers.

It all started with Adam, who was gifted a skeleton. In spite of common sense and knowledge in anatomy he gives his rib to God and asks him to make him a friend. But this friend turned out to be a woman. You know the rest: the lovely creature wished the forbidden fruit and everything flopped. Adam never got his rib back. He lost the meaning of life and started to reproduce. The negative side of a skeleton is that it can break. What else? There are the following types of skeletons:

  • A skeleton of a living organism is interesting only for traumatologists;
  • Archeologists and autopsists are highly interested in skeletons of dead bodies;
  • Halloween turns people into skeletons – extortioners;
  • A skull is a part of a skeleton;
  • Plastic skeleton is a good example of our body structure. You can see it in biology classes, in ensign’s storeroom and in hospitals. You can easily draw it.

And that’s what we are going to do now.

How to draw a skeleton step by step

Step 1. First we mark all its parts on the paper.

How to draw a skeleton step 1

Step2. We draw the joints.

How to draw a skeleton step 2

Step 3. Now we sketch the ribs: pay attention to their quantity and arrangement. After that you draw the skull in the same way.

How to draw a skeleton step 3

Step 4. We erase extra lines and do shading.

How to draw a skeleton step 4

It should look like that:

You can also try to draw:

  1. Cross;
  2. Crown;
  3. Aquarium;
  4. Bell;
  5. Bed;
  6. Money;


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  1. If I’m not mistaken, these spfcieic illustrations are by Sir Henry Morris. You can find Google Books versions of Morris’s Human Anatomy online, but a good copy of Gray’s Anatomy would have the same information I’ve just added links Grays and some other anatomy books in the link above. There’s also a coloring book in the category that I think would be good for adults and older students, too. It has full labels and you get to do the color coding to your own preferences. 🙂

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