How to draw a wineglass step by step

Christmas and New Year are our favorite holidays. It is the best way to gather people at the table in winter, when it is -40 outside. Women usually prepare a lot of tasty food, men decorate the tree and dress like Santa Clause. But what we could never celebrate them without is a good drink. We will have a glass of champagne or wine. So in this lesson we will draw a wineglass.

How to draw a wineglass step by step

Wineglasses were made for drinking wine. But with time people wished different glasses for different drinks.

  • Classic glasses were made on the shape of Queen of France breast, Marie Antoinette
  • You might have heard that the shape of the glass influences the taste of the drink. Actually nothing proves this theory, so this is up to you if to pay attention to such things or not.
  • Champagne’s quality doesn’t depend on the number of drinks you had. It will fizz even if it’s in a dirty glass. The more dust is in the glass the more it will fizz.

Doctors advise to have some wine (about 200 ml) every day. Good luck with that!

How to draw a wineglass step by step

Step 1. We draw a circle at the top of the sheet and an oval a bit lower. We connect them with a straight line that divides the circle into two parts.

How to draw a wineglass step 1

Step 2. Now we mark the edges of the glass with straight symmetric lines. The central line we turn into the foot.

How to draw a wineglass step 2

Step 3. Now we form a glass in the upper figure. All lines should be symmetric.

How to draw a wineglass step 3

Step 4. We erase extra lines and outline the contours, make the lines thick.

How to draw a wineglass step 4

Step 5. We draw the drink and do shading. It should look like that:

How to draw a wineglass step 5

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