How to draw a war step by step

Today we will draw a war. It will have nothing to do with Star Wars and Dart Weider. It will be the real war.

We will draw three soldiers in the trenches with lots of military equipment. To draw all that we need to know something about this matter.

How to draw a war step by step

Everybody knows such a super action involving tanks and lots of gamers. This action is called war. People in many countries are fond of this game.

Nowadays half of our planet is fighting on internet spilling coffee on the keyboard and soiling the mouse with greasy fingers after a tasty dinner. We should thank Wargaming for that!

But now we will forget about tanks and draw military actions involving soldiers. Here we go!

How to draw a war step by step

Step 1. First we should sketch people in motion: heads, bodies, hands and legs.

How to draw a war step 1

Step 2. Now we draw the fence, stones and logs.

How to draw a war step 2

Step 3. Then we show the clothes: trousers, boots and helmets. One soldier has a bag, another one is shown in profile. There is a barbed wire on the fence.

How to draw a war step 3

Step 4. We now show all the details: belts, barbs, etc.

How to draw a war step 4

Step 5. Now we do hatching. We make some details darker, such as folds on the clothes. We shade the necessary parts.

How to draw a war step 5

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