How to draw pansies step by step

In this lesson I will tell you how to draw pansies, lovely flowers. Though, they remind Chtulhu a little. It’s clear why he hates the world. There are a lot of legends and mysteries about him. These flowers were considered to be poor mortals who used to spy on Venus. But cunning Venus snitched on them to Zeus and he punished them and turned them into flowers. Some people, after watching Disney’s cartoons, decided that a pansy is an evil stepmother. For romantic people this flower is a girl who is waiting for her fiancé from war staring into the distance. People are weird.

How to draw pansies step by step

Pansies have different names. In fact, a pansy is a kind of violet. You can also use them both as a coffin decoration and a philtre. But the second should be done by experienced people otherwise young guys will die before they know love.

How to draw pansies step by step

Step 1. We draw circles to show each flower separately.

How to draw pansies step 1

Step 2. We add petals.

How to draw pansies step 2

Step 3. We make the lines thick.

How to draw pansies step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and add shades. You can also color them.

How to draw pansies step 4

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