How to draw a dandelion step by step

In this lesson I will show you how to draw a dandelion. But first I would like to say that it is not just a flower with fluffy prickles on its head that grows everywhere. It is also a very useful plant. Every old lady will be extremely happy if you bring her a bunch of yellow flowers.

How to draw a dandelion step 4

As it turns out you can eat them. Though, I have never tried them. Let me tell you more:

  • You can make jam from these flowers. It might be tasty.
  • You can also make wine from them.
  • If you fry its root you can brew it as coffee. You could even forge instant coffee. Who knows what we get in supermarkets. So be careful!
  • We can make soup with their leaves. They are as green as cabbage and not bitter.
  • The tincture of this flower excites appetite, that even semolina will seem the most delicious dish.

Attention: culinary experiments conduct only with experienced chefs! But you can draw these flowers any time you want.

How to draw a dandelion step by step

Step 1. We draw a circle in the left part.  From this circle to the corner we lead two parallel lines. In the middle of the sheet we draw small circles – flying seeds.

How to draw a dandelion step 1

Step 2. In the core of the flower we show a fluffy circle. We draw thin leaves down from it. Now with short strokes along the circle we show the fluffy head of the flower. We draw out the stem and flying seeds.

How to draw a dandelion step 2

Step 3. We shade the stem and the core. Every fluffy seed has a little stem.

How to draw a dandelion step 3

Step 4. Inside of the flower we draw lines like the rays of the sun and dots. Done!

How to draw a dandelion step 4

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