How to draw a peony step by step

Until there are beautiful flowers in the world we need to draw them. It is not so difficult to draw them and the picture looks great. Today we will draw peonies.

First I will tell you a little about these flowers. Peonies do not grow anywhere. They are valued for their lush foliage and magnificent flowers. But this is not their purpose. Peonies are medicinal plants and they were used only as such up till 1800. And later they were considered as decorative plants. This little flower can cure 20 different diseases, that’s why in the 19th century they grew in gardens of hospitals and monasteries. Besides you can use them in cookery. The seeds are good to add to the meat.

How to draw a peony step 5

Let me tell you some more interesting facts:

  • A peony is not just a flower. This is the whole family.
  • The peony is named after Paeon, the Greek god of medicine and healing. He had to be very careful not to be burnt by Zeus while healing gods.  And as a reward for his dedicated work, the flower was named after him.
  • Chinese people love these flowers. They call a peony the king of flowers and its official name in Chinese is “shoyo”, which means – the most beautiful.

We have already learnt to draw a lot of flowers: water lilies, chrysanthemum and other. So to draw the peony will be a very easy task for you. Let’s try.

How to draw a peony step by step

Step 1. We draw a circle with a stick at the bottom. It will look like a lollipop or a dandelion.

How to draw a peony step 1

Step 2. Inside of the bigger circle we draw a smaller one. It will look like solar eclipse.

How to draw a peony step 2

Step 3. We turn the circles into semicircles – the petals. Then add the leaves.

How to draw a peony step 3

Step 4.A peony has many petals. We draw more petals inside of the smaller circle. You don’t have to make a copy of my drawing, you can improvise.

How to draw a peony step 4

Step 5. We erase extra lines. The flower should be of the regular shape and almost symmetric.

How to draw a peony step 5

I recommend you to draw:

  1. Pansies;
  2. Narcissus;
  3. Dandelion;
  4. Water lily;
  5. Cornflower;
  6. Lilies of the valley;
  7. Orchid;

If you would like to draw more flowers – tell me about it. You can do it here, in comments or on the page write to the author.


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