How to draw sea step by step

When it gets cold outside we wish to go somewhere to a warm country. And when it’s too hot we would like to do the same. In any season we are happy to go to the seaside. This is life! Let’s find out how to draw sea.

Sea is a space filled with water not good for drinking. But we can eat any of its inhabitants, if they will not be the first to do it to us. Sea is beautiful and dangerous. It attracts romantic people, fishermen, surfers, pirates, girls in bikini, mermaids, Patrick, Sponge Bob and those who like to draw landscapes.

How to draw sea step by step

It can be of various colors: black, red, green. But the thing is that it always remains blue. Up till now scientists have no idea why it is actually blue. But we should do the research in summer together with beautiful girls in swimming suits. Under these circumstances the level of scientific researches is 9000 times higher.

We also know that:

  • The blue sea can hypnotize.
  • It can seethe.
  • It talks to the moon.
  • You can find a gold shark in the sea that will fulfill your three dying wishes.
  • It foams.
  • It attracts lots of people to the beaches.

How to draw sea step by step

Step 1.

How to draw sea step 1

Step 2.

How to draw sea step 2

Step 3.

How to draw sea step 3

Step 4.

How to draw sea step 4

Here are some more beautiful landscapes:

  1. Lake;
  2. Waves;
  3. River;
  4. Waterfall;
  5. Sky;
  6. Autumn;
  7. Park;
  8. Sunset;
  9. Leaf;
  10. Jungles;
  11. Forest;


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