How to draw the sky step by step

Some people say that there are two water spaces on our planet: one ocean is under our feet and another one is above our head. The second one fell, in times of Noah and his ark that could hold only 1 pair of every kind of creatures, and flooded all. Later it calmed down and now quietly hangs in the atmosphere. In this lesson we will learn how to draw the sky. The task is not so easy but I’m sure we will succeed.

The sky is a blue or black space. It is the residence of gods, stars and flying birds. There is no clear definition of where it begins and where it ends. But if you try to go higher than the sky, you will find yourself in melodrama full of tears. This definition came with the release of the documentary called “Three meters above the sky”. Before scientists believed that the universe starts where the sky ends. But certainly not!

How to draw the sky step by step

If to go further, it turns out that a lot of dead people live there headed by God. But pilots and cosmonauts didn’t confirm that. Besides, there are sometimes lots of clouds that contain much moisture, electricity and loud sounds and usually come unexpectedly.

What else do I know about the sky?

  • There are holes in it — ozone holes. Sunlight falls through them and having reached our heads it can kill or fry us.
  • Actually the sky has no color. The problem is in our eyes that cannot perceive color adequately.
  • In ancient times people were afraid that the sky would fall on their heads and strangle them. And no wonder! The scientists say that it weighs 5300 000 000 000 000 tons.

Of course it’s not going to fall. So let’s start drawing.

How to draw the sky step by step

Step 1. We draw several circles – the clouds.

How to draw the sky step 1

Step 2. We make the clouds fluffy and wavy.

How to draw the sky step 2

Step 3. We trace the contours with thick lines.

How to draw the sky step 3

Step 4. We show the ground and shade the clouds.

How to draw the sky step 4


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