How to draw a lake step by step

Those who cannot swim or are afraid of water I suggest to draw a lake. You will not have to swim in it, though to avoid any kind of panic you could better have a piece of chocolate with you.

A lake is a natural shelter for fish, crabs and the Loch Ness monsters. It leads a quiet life and no one complains. It’s a favorite place of those who love to celebrate something and to swim while drunk. Everyone likes a lake when it is hot outside. It helps overheated human bodies to cool off. Sometimes it wants to keep some bodies in his waters forever. It’s especially attracted by drunk bodies.

How to draw a lake step by step

In comparison to the sea or river, a lake is quieter and causes less problems. Its inhabitants are quite peaceful and contact mostly with worms and hooks avoiding people. Rich people don’t like it much because it’s dirty, there are no servants around.

There are some interesting lakes:

  • Ink lake. This unique natural phenomenon is located in Algeria. There is no fish in it, no plants grow there. It is filled with ink instead of water which is toxic to living organisms and is suitable for writing only. It is a dream of poets with feathers. It can be the perfect place to conceal crimes and hide notebooks with bad marks.
  • Lake Hillier. It’s the best place in Australia for beau monde parties, for celebrating the birthday of Lindsay Lohan or other pretentious cool girls. The most noticeable feature of this lake is its pink color. The color is permanent and doesn’t change even if the water is taken in a container.
  • The Pitch Lake. That’s a dream of every Minister of Transport, as it is the largest deposit of free asphalt in the world. How many roads they could build!

We finally came up to drawing.

How to draw a lake step by step

Step 1. We draw several lines and we sketch the lake in the center.

How to draw a lake step 1

Step 2. We sketch the ground around the lake, vegetation and the reflection in the water.

How to draw a lake step 2

Step 3. We show the mountains in the background and the trees around the lake.

How to draw a lake step 3

Step 4. We hatch the terrain and the water surface.

How to draw a lake step 4

You could also draw other landscapes:

  1. River;
  2. Waterfall;
  3. Waves;
  4. Forest;
  5. Sea;
  6. Sky;
  7. Autumn;
  8. Park;
  9. Sunset;
  10. Leaf;
  11. Jungles;


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