How to draw a park step by step

Today we will draw a park. Why do we need parks? For some people it’s a place to relieve themselves, for others it is an inspiring view for drawing.

The relation between a man and a park is pure business. The former is allowed to use the territory but only on a leasehold basis. A park is a piece of land full of trees, benches and doves. We can consider a park any place with a tree and a monument to someone famous. In such places you will often meet couples in love, musicians, maniacs and killers, ducks and jogging people.

How to draw a park step by step

In big cities of Russia, China and other countries of the third world, parks are the most developed. You can meet a mysterious variant of humans who can play chess and cards. Also the territory is equipped with benches for tired drunk people. At night parks turn into high-risk areas for fair sex and in case of Korea – for cats and dogs.

What could one do in a park?

  • Skip: classes and lectures, mother’s in law arrival, the end of the world, world war and opportunity to see aliens.
  • Feel like a rogue, playing domino with pensioners.
  • Pray your gods.
  • Feed wild ducks, doves, dragons.
  • Fight with a squirrel for nuts.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Pretend to be a bush.

And you could also take a piece of paper and a pencil with you and draw a landscape.

How to draw a park step by step

Step 1. First we sketch a skyline and trees in the background.

How to draw a park step 1

Step 2. Now we draw benches and a big tree in the foreground.

How to draw a park step 2

Step 3. We add the fence and a man sitting on the bench. We show leaves on the trees.

How to draw a park step 3

Step 4. We just need to do shading to make the park look real.

How to draw a park step 4

You could also draw other landscapes:

  1. Forest;
  2. Autumn;
  3. Leaf;
  4. Jungles;
  5. Sea;
  6. Sky;
  7. Lake;
  8. Sunset;
  9. River;
  10. Waterfall;
  11. Waves;


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