How to draw sunset step by step

Sunset is a cyclic phenomenon when the sun, winding circles around the earth, tries to get under the ground on the horizon. It is opposite to the sunrise, though the process has only a different direction. Besides the sun turns so red like it’s ashamed of something. Today we will draw sunset – something that attracts poets, who ran out of ingenious ideas about love.

How to draw sunset step by step

Cheap horror movies made people believe that after the sunset evil spirits and other scum wake up. But the hell came to the earth with “the masterpiece” “Twilight”. Classic vampires are nothing in comparison to those zombies. Besides sunset lets you know that soon another night together with your best friend monitor and sandwiches will come.

What you can do during the sunset:

  • You can enjoy this everyday phenomenon together with your girlfriend or boyfriend that will seem almost a miracle to both of you.
  • You could start a career of a great writer having composed several miserable hoku or blank verse. You will not need rhyme for that. Just write a couple of lines and make sure you will be heard by the fair sex.

Let’s draw the landscape.

How to draw sunset step by step

Step 1. First we show the skyline. After that we sketch the setting sun and the ship.

How to draw sunset step 1

Step 2. We show the reflection on the water.

How to draw sunset step 2

Step 3. We shade the sail and then we draw the grass in the foreground.

How to draw sunset step 3

Step 4. We add waves and the reflection of the grass. Then erase extra lines.

How to draw sunset step 4

Here are some more beautiful landscapes:

  1. Autumn;
  2. Forest;
  3. Lake;
  4. Park;
  5. Sea;
  6. Sky;


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