How to draw a river step by step

We all love to rest. There are a lot of places where we can do it: clubs, bars and restaurants with beautiful waitresses, even our bathroom. But all of them are not for romantic and creative people. Nature is the best place for rest. We can swim in a lake, go hiking and make bonfires. Is there no lake around? No problem! Just go to the forest to gather cones, flowers and to scare animals. And if you managed to find a river — you are lucky. Let’s now find out how to draw a river.

How to draw a river step by step

Imagine a hot summer. You are at your computer, sweating, wearing just underpants, cursing the heat. Your water bottle is empty. But still you are going to the forest, to the river bank. This is heaven! The water is cold, but this doesn’t scare you. You rush to the water. You think that swimming pool is better. But it’s not! Nothing can compare to nature.

Let me tell you more about rivers:

  • The longest river in the world is the Amazon (nearly 7200 km). The funny thing is that there were no bridges built up till 2010. And recently they have built one 3595 m long.
  • The Kosi River in India is a very cunning thing. Every year it changes its course.
  • Don’t envy the Saudis. There is no river in this wonderful country. So the swimming pool will be your only salvation there.

So you need to go to such lovely places as forest and a river bank as often as you can, as soon they will cut down the forests and dry the rivers.

Let’s draw a river.

How to draw a river step by step

Step 1. First we draw long lines – the river. We also show the skyline with another horizontal line.

How to draw a river step 1

Step 2. Our river is in the forest so we show trees of different sizes around it.

How to draw a river step 2

Step 3. We draw “clouds” on the trunks of the trees – the foliage. There are 2 small waterfalls in our river, so don’t forget to show them.

How to draw a river step 3

Step 4. Now we do hatching, we show shades on the trees and the direction of the river.

How to draw a river step 4

Step 5. We erase extra lines and finish the drawing.

How to draw a river step 5

Here are some more landscapes for you:

  1. Sky;
  2. Lake;
  3. Forest;
  4. Sea;
  5. Sunset;
  6. Park;
  7. Leaf;
  8. Autumn;


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