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How to draw cheetah’s head step by step

We have already drawn a cheetah before. That was the first part of our lesson. And now we will pay more attention to drawing the head of the cheetah.

How to draw cheetah's head step by step
What can we say about its anatomy? Cheetahs have a quite small head, their eyes are set quite high and they have very small rounded ears. This makes him more dynamic and streamlined, in a word, a good runner. Читать далее How to draw cheetah’s head step by step

How to draw a raccoon step by step

Before drawing a raccoon I will tell you a little about this animal. The raccoon is a mammal. Raccoons are common in the richest country (as they like to call it) – the USA , mostly in North America. But nowadays we can find them in various European countries and Asia. Some species are found in Ukraine and Russia as well. In many languages, the raccoon is named for its characteristic dousing behavior in conjunction with that language’s term for bear. It can never be confused with any other animal. They are famous for their striped tails and muzzles. One might take him for a thief wearing a mask. And in fact, raccoons often do steal, especially food! But people are usually kind to them and they even feed these funny creatures.

How to draw a raccoon step 4And now let’s get down to our business. After we can watch a video how raccoons were eating acorns in the swimming pool. Читать далее How to draw a raccoon step by step

How to draw cheetah step by step

Predators are fascinating when you are not their food.

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a cheetah. The lesson will consist of two parts. In the first part we will draw its body and in the second part we will pay more attention to its head. A cheetah doesn’t differ much from other representatives of the cat family, such as jaguar, trot, panther or lion. But there are some differences.

How to draw cheetah

  • Cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet.
  • It looks quite fragile, but all its body is a set of muscles with little fat.
  • Thanks to its muscles a cheetah can jerk abruptly and run at a high speed chasing its victim. Though he cannot keep running for long, maximum 15-20 seconds. So if you are attacked by a cheetah, all you need is to run with the speed of 120 km per hour for 20 seconds and he will leave you alone.
  • It’s better not to change direction while running as a cheetah has extremely sharp nails that help him turn easily.

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How to draw a beaver step by step

A beaver is a quite evil creature in nature. He possesses professional skills of a builder. His life goal is to cut down as many trees as possible and to make the largest home among other rodents. In this lesson I will show you how to draw a beaver.

how to draw a beaver step 4For a beginning you need to know that the name beaver comes from the German word Bieber (Justin shouldn’t take it as an offense). They both cannot sing, besides a beaver is much more useful for society. Though he has less fans.

A beaver is so cool :

  • You can find him on a nickel in Canada and on Belorussian banknotes.
  • He can remain 15 minutes under the water and swim 1 km at the same time.
  • He needs 5 minutes to cut down a tree.

This is all I know about beavers, so let’s start to draw. Читать далее How to draw a beaver step by step