Архив рубрики: Wild and domestic animals

How to draw Persian cat

You decided to get pet at home? I advise you to think hundred times before you get a cat. Normal pooch is not whimsical. But purebred cat pat your nerves. It is necessary to clean up, he needs to buy expensive food, expensive toys. Especially dangerous are these criminals: British Shorthair, Persian, Siamese and Abyssinian. These fluffy terrorists destroy your house and maybe someday the entire planet. And do not say I did not warn you.

How to Draw Persian Cat

If you are brave enough to continue, then see how to draw Persian cat and adores her, as she will not destroy your life. Good luck brothers. Читать далее How to draw Persian cat

How to draw chinchilla step by step

Now we know how to draw a chinchilla. This is a wonderful animal, from which produce fur coats, hats and handbags.

Step one. Draw a circle, indicating the chinchilla’s head, and the second body. To attach the head two oval shapes, it will be the ears.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212547.321

Step Two. Connect the following with crooked lines. So to get a sketch of the animal’s body. Who is still unknown. From the blank can get anything. Even a rat, owl or a kangaroo.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212550.995

Step Three. Therefore, it is important to add small touches of fur. We start with the head, then legs.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212621.809

Step Four. Now we undertake the rest of the body. Erase the sketch.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212628.649

Step Five. Add shadows.

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212633.539

Step Six. Finish:

How to Draw a Chinchilla.mp4_20151006_212709.897

How To Draw A Walrus

What we are going to do? We will learn how to draw a walrus. Take crayons and pastels. You can even take a simple pencil. No matter. The main thing is realistic drawing of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225345.923

Step one. We represent the letter W.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225301.650

Step Two. Connect the ends of the letters and get the head of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225304.211

Step Three. Draw eyes and freckles.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225306.578

Step Four. Draw a nose and mustache.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225309.634

Step Five. Draw sharp teeth.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225311.642

Step Six. I draw the body of a walrus.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225318.354

Step Seven. On the fins we make a line.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225321.642

Step Eight. Now back. It looks like a mermaid bottom. Or fish. As you wish.

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225329.962

Step Nine. Clearly stroke a path. Finish:

How To Draw A Walrus.mp4_20150925_225336.186

Well done, friends! Want to see pictures of other inhabitants of the sea? I advise you to start with these:

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  6. How to draw jellyfish step by step;
  7. How to draw a seahorse step by step;
  8. How to draw cobra step by step;
  9. How to draw pike fish step by step;

How to draw rhino step by step

Below you will find simple instructions on how to draw rhino. (Not to be confused with a unicorn!) Without any preparation you can do it. Here’s a picture for clarity:

How to draw rhino

Rhinoceros — there is a very peaceful, if not go into its territory. He leads a lonely recluse. Happy prefer to sleep and philosophizing about the meaning of life. In the evening when the heat subsides, it may take a more active chores. Just like me.

The kindness of their soul feel the birds, and often sit on their back or on the horn on its head. It is unrelated to the bad intentions. On the contrary help birds rhinos, brushing their skin from parasites. Such is a boring life it takes place in Africa.

Funny observation of life:

  • Do rhinos is two horns;
  • They love to wallow in the mud and bathe in water;
  • The vision they have not so hot, but the approach of the enemy feel many kilometers;

And their fun to draw: Читать далее How to draw rhino step by step

How to draw pike fish step by step

I’ll show you the secret of how to draw pike fish. It will be a realistic fish.

how to draw pike fish


But to portray it is not difficult. Pike is distinguished by its long nose. And all it looks like a torpedo. Peering into her eyes, I have the impression that it is always dissatisfied with something. How can you live with such a sour mug? On the other hand it could just as well that the pike cannot smile. Fisherman caught a pike, and she smiles at him and narrows her eyes. So you can quit drinking. Did you know that pike eat frogs, crayfish, squirrels, rats, other fish, and their kind, including? Читать далее How to draw pike fish step by step

How to draw cobra step by step

Here you will learn how to draw a cobra. Instruction is not complicated, but many newcomers have difficulty with the image of cobras I took this picture, and made for a lesson for you:

how to draw cobra

Cobra is a fearsome creature, the devil in the flesh, a ruthless killer. She absolutely don’t care about the power and size of enemy. She newer feel shame, and can kill with anyone on this planet. Just a week after his birth, cobra becomes an excellent hunter. Her favorite food is other snakes. A drop of cobra venom can kill 20 people. Be careful, when you see her, because you can be her dinner. Читать далее How to draw cobra step by step

How to draw a sheep step by step

Some animals become so famous that they are shown on TV and you can see monuments in their honor.

How to draw a sheep

A sheep is a biochemical robot created by a higher race to enslave humanity. And if to be serious this creature reminds white sphere in vacuum that has limbs. It brings people happiness and joy. It is not less sacred than a cow in India. Besides its meat is more tasty. This animal is unique:

  • There is no racism among sheep. They treat well both black and white.
  • Before milking a sheep you must feed her. Otherwise she will refuse to
  • It was discovered that sheep can talk to dogs and understand them.
  • Even in Bible you can see that this animal is the best example for comparison with human.
  • People try to breed as many of them as possible. People even invented cloning for that.

And now let’s draw. Читать далее How to draw a sheep step by step