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How to draw Darth Vader step by step

Today we will draw Darth Vader. As usually you will need a sheet of paper, an eraser and a pencil.

How to draw Darth Vader step 5


But before, I will tell you some information that every artist who wants to draw Darth Vader needs to know.

  • His costume is not simple iron armor. The pile of metal helps him to breathe and replaces his damaged lungs and keeps him strong.
  • His costume is equipped with sensors, chips, generators, radiators. All this controls his muscles, breath and nerve impulses.
  • The ugly mask has many needles inside. Don’t think it’s just to keep it on his face. It is necessary for a good fusion of the head with the mask.
  • And even his heart is controlled by a machine.
  • To keep the costume working, he had to charge it on board of the Star Destroyer.
  • Besides, Vader has a steel hand of darkness. The right one!

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How to draw Hercules and the Gorgon step by step

The most bizarre nation from the point of view of mythology and surrealism are Greeks. In ancient times they were ruled by a gang of gods who settled down in their hideout known as Olympus. The gods kept people in fear arranging raids and other actions. Though,because of their love affairs with humans the mutants came into the world. Today we will draw Hercules and the Gorgon.

How to draw Hercules and the Gorgon step by step

Hercules is a Greek divine hero, who was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. Once a green man came to him in his dream and said that to be a real man he shouldn’t shave and must commit 12 labors. On the next day Hercules throw away his razorblade and left. In short, he was a brave and strong guy.

The Gorgon was a bitch who lived only for cruel revenge. She didn’t like to hang out with people as instead of hair she was always wearing curlers of swirled snakes. Not every man would like such a beauty! But strange things happened when she first met Hercules. She turned out to have double personalities. Anyway, to know more you should watch the cartoon.

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How to draw Aladdin step by step

Let’s plunge into the magical Disney world. I remember how I loved this cartoon when I was a boy. The main character is a guy — a young and restless thief who always gets in troubles. Though, Aladdin is a very kind person. He never steals gold or precious things. All he needs is food, fresh air, new adventures and the heart of a lovely young girl Jasmine. Without the help of his friends – genie and Abu- he would never overcome all the difficulties. All the same Aladdin will manage to win the heart of the princess. And now we will draw this loving couple. For this we will use the following picture:

How to draw Aladdin step by step

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How to draw Harley Quinn step by step

Do you know her? Harley Quinn is a fictional character, a super villain in the DC Universe.

How to draw Harley Quinn step 6

As suggested by her name (a play on the word harlequin) she is clad in the manner of traditional harlequin jester. She is a frequent accomplice of Batman’s nemesis Joker and she gained her immunity to poisons and toxins from Poison Ivy. She is a talented gymnast and has mastered all kinds of weapon. And besides, she is extremely beautiful.

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How to draw school uniform step by step

On this lesson we will learn how to draw school uniform. We all love school so much, especially those who already finished it.

How to draw school uniform step by step

You usually get some piece of paper as a proof of completed studies. It also shows that you are ready to enter another colony of more strict regime. Or you could use this paper for your natural needs and then just start to work. But you will not be able to become more than a loader. And only beautiful and slender girls can make their way in our severe world.

So what are the potential advantages of our studies?

  • This is a cruel and severe school of survival. Are you capable to draw geometric figures and learn a poem? That’s great, but you need to learn how to reassure others that it was you who really did the drawing and that the poem was learnt and not written on the inside of your eyes.
  • Another important knowledge is to learn how to catch freebies. True masters of this science are students at universities.
  • School is our first real experience of teamwork. With time some of your mates will become your business partners or assistants in other great deeds. Perhaps you will even be lucky to charm your first love. So many years of co-suffering might have a positive effect.

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How to draw tears step by step

We consist mostly of water. Apart from that we intake much water during the day, so there should be the ways of getting rid of it. We go to toilet, we sweat, but these are trifles compared to our ability to cry. Today we will learn how to draw tears.

How to draw tears step 4

Only human beings can cry. They cry and bulb, because they are weak creatures. They do not have enough willpower and they cry on every occasion while the animals are more resistant to stress. And we dare to call ourselves the superior race on our planet!

On the other hand, it is good to cry. For instance, there is evidence that tears can soothe us. If you think that the process of crying itself is relaxing, than you are wrong. In fact, tears rid the body of harmful stress hormones. And here is the result: after some crying you will feel much better. Besides tears help our eyes not to dry up. In addition, your eyesight improves after crying. This fact was approved by those who wear glasses.

But tears also have their bad side. Apart from showing you as a crybaby, the process of crying involves 43 facial muscles, while when laughing you use only 17. So you better laugh if you do not want to have wrinkles.

Reasons for tears:

  • Tears of sadness. These are tears that we pour after getting into a bad situation. Women are particularly fond of this process. The fact that they are smaller and have less fluids in their bodies doesn’t prevent them from doing this often.
  • Tears of happiness. Sometimes we cry when we are very happy, because happiness is also a kind of stress for our body. Emotionally happiness is as exhausting for us as sadness is.
  • Crocodile tears. They say, that crocodile is a killer with a soft and subtle soul. It is crying while eating its victim. But actually, it is as heartless as it is green. And these are not tears, but saliva. What a heartless beast!

So if you cry, let it be only from happiness. And don’t care about your eyes, let them dry up, but do not show others your weaknesses, as you will be treated as a weak person and will be less appreciated. If you need to cry, do it quietly and unnoticed.

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How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

Sakura is a mixture of sexuality and martial arts with childish innocent eyes. There is much to tell about her. And perhaps you know much more about this girl than I do.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

But I would like to tell you some interesting details:

  • Sakura was praised for her progress at Anime News Network. We can see how she develops, progresses and learns from film to film. It is praiseworthy, isn’t it?
  • Sakura actually is a cherry tree, the symbol of Japan. Its blossoms, that appear and fade so fast, show us how short our life is.
  • The longest fight is the one of Sakura against Sasori. It consists of 8 episodes. I think it needs a lot of willpower just to watch it.
  • We can also notice how Sakura’s thoughts change with time and show us The True Sakura. We all change getting older and more mature, don’t you agree?

And now let’s draw Sakura. Читать далее How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Walt Disney always created spectacular cartoons, especially at the beginning of his career. Let’s take for example the cartoon about Aladin. In fact, I like this cartoon only because an ordinary petty thief has a flying carpet and a personal genie. Of course this all may be due to his street life and genetically modified food, but I think that the directors wouldn’t make a movie about severe life at the palace. The guys went further and decided to show us all the delights of living with Sultan. Meanwhile I will show you how to draw Jasmine.

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Jasmine is eternal Aladin’s passion, daughter of Sultan and, of course, a girl of a strong will, like in all Disney’s cartoons. Actually jasmine is a flower, though it’s not unusual to call a woman “a flower”, like Rose or Bur. As we can see the girl is about 16. Don’t know whether they liked this story in China, but here such a plot would cause a lot of censure.

She attends a school for princesses. Proud and stubborn, even adventurous Jasmine always gets in trouble and expects her prince on a “white carpet” to save her. Her father doesn’t wish his daughter to be with some tramp. But being a weak person he can do nothing about it. As we can see Jasmine didn’t take after her dad.

What else can we say about this lady:

  • She is an official member of the princess gang. They are like Charlie’s Angels, just they are no angels.
  • Once she tried to be a school teacher, but one of her assistants was her tiger Rajah. That had to be frightening for poor kids!

And now let’s do our job. Читать далее How to draw Jasmine step by step