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How to draw forget-me-nots flowers

As so, about the rose and chamomile so much has been written, and about this flower forgotten. Not good. I have to fill the information vacuum, and move the scales the other way. I take the responsibility to show instructions on how to draw forget-me-nots flowers. With this image we start:

how to draw forget-me-nots flowers

Forget-me-nots — a world famous flower, a symbol of Freemasonry, and just a beautiful plant. He is basically all the same where to grow, that’s why all loves her. And they are pleasant to the touch. I touch it. In Latin it is called mouse ear. Yes, it looks like the ear, but what’s the memory? I don’t know. I’ve learned that in Poland they are called — nezapominayka. It is even more fun.

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How to draw lotus step by step

People have a strange habit to give weird names to things. For instance they name people after plants, animals, etc. People are even called Homo sapiens and some of them think that oil is golden. Today we will draw a lotus.

How to draw lotus

A lotus is a beautiful flower that grows mostly in water. The flower has never been too precious but then fanatical Buddhists decided that Buddha is sitting in the lotus position. It sounds crazy but nevertheless there is some similarity. The flower itself is fine with such use of the name as there is no other way for it to become popular.

  • Its root is considered a delicacy.
  • Rosary is made of the seeds of this flower and perhaps this is the only quality product from the Far East.
  • The lotus position is quite comfortable especially if you have no chair and Buddha was keenly aware of it.

Let’s now draw it. Читать далее How to draw lotus step by step

How to draw a snowdrop step by step

After a long and cold winter, thanks to the endless movement of the sun, the spring comes – the time when the earth eats the snow and when every living thing starts to bloom. It becomes clear that the world was created in spring, as the ends of the world are usually planned for winter. It’s time for us to learn to draw the wonderful rebirth of nature. But it’s not so easy to imagine how to draw spring. Snowdrop is the symbol of spring, so we will draw it.

How to draw a snowdrop

Spring is one of 4 seasons of the year. Theoretically it starts when winter ends, but actually it’s a personal matter and it can happen any time you wish. Usually the two things tell us about the coming of spring: snowdrops and March. The flowers appear always in spring and expose themselves to risk to be picked and to be given to someone. March is known for the imbalance between men and women, when women get total power for one day – the 8th of March. On that day they rule the world and determine its fate. Usually it has frustrating results that’s why for a balance between good and bad we celebrate 24th of February, the men’s day. According to the historical data, most of wars started in spring, because of the easy excitement of soldiers. We can also observe high feline activity. Everything ends on the 31 of May.

We can expect a lot of twists and turns in spring:

  • Every spring is divided in 17 moments, according to the movie;
  • Carp allows to be caught only in spring;
  • In Geneva the spring starts when the main chestnut tree is in blossom. And if it doesn’t – there will be no spring.
  • In China, the spring traditions are even more funny. In the beginning of spring they boil eggs in the urine of young boys. After they eat them and claim that they smell like spring. I can only imagine that smell!
  • The 1st of April is all fool’s day. But I think that every day some fool celebrates his day.

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How to draw a gladiolus step by step

Plants do not just give life to everything on the earth actively producing the air. You can eat, smell, touch, plant and cut them. An ordinary pine cone, filled with sulfuric acid, can easily open doors and hearts, and most of the flowers can kill people causing allergy. But there are quite harmless plants and we will draw one of them today – it is gladiolus.

How to draw a gladiolus

It’s a mystical plant. It is sometimes called the “Sword lily”. Historians call an unknown gladiator “gladiolus”, who looked and smelled correspondingly. It wasn’t possible to win him over. And nobody knows why! According to the legend, he once met a strong man at the crossroads of times, who was creating the world together with the Lord of Vacuum. Some antimatter appeared at the intersection of their views and to stop that process the gladiator turned into gladiolus and absorbed all the antimatter. Later he was sent to the earth and was planted.

I can tell you some more facts about the flower:

  • You can make a tincture from it;
  • Various religions use gladiolus as their answers to many questions;
  • Actually, these manifestations of matter have no name, and all this is not real and you are in matrix now.
  • The flower lost its mystical features but It can be used in medicine, as they make different medicines from it;
  • There are about 5 000 varieties of gladiolus in the world.

You will see how easy it is to draw this flower. Читать далее How to draw a gladiolus step by step

How to draw gerberas step by step

We have drawn so many flowers: chrysanthemum, narcissus and different bouquets. Every flower is special and beautiful, so we cannot miss any of them. Today we will draw gerberas.

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I am sure all of you saw this flower at least once in your life. Elegant men buy roses, but ordinary guys give their girls chrysanthemum, gerberas and daisies. They even look better and brighter than roses.

If you decided to grow gerbera at home you need to know that:

  • They love sunlight. They wish for it like pigs for mud. Besides they like warmth and care. If you leave them in a dark room they will die.
  • They are quite tall. So there are special dwarf varieties for growing at home. But you must know that every small thing is very capricious. Gerbera-dwarf doesn’t like too much water.
  • Commercially, gerbera takes not the last place. In 2010 it was on the fifth place among all other flowers. So you will definitely find the variety you like best.
  • You can see this flower on some national flags.

Guys, don’t forget that girls love flowers! Читать далее How to draw gerberas step by step

How to draw a bouquet of roses step by step

Fabulous, wonderful, fragrant, beautiful.. I am talking about roses. We will draw them today. Such beautiful bouquets men sometimes gift their women. But if you manage to draw a lovely bouquet, you can also give it to your lady.

How to draw a bouquet of roses step by step 5

Do you know why men give flowers to women? We will try to imagine how men think:

  • You are a teenager and you are in love with your classmate. She is great, beautiful and cool. You have no idea how to get to her and suddenly you have an idea to give her flowers. And one evening you meet her and solemnly hand her flowers. I guess it could happen in the past century!
  • You are older now. You think that flowers are useless as a present and you buy them only for your girlfriend’s birthday and for mom on the 8th of March.
  • Suddenly you are in love and you have to make her yours. But the girl is tricky and she doesn’t want to go out with you. So what now?! You think of flowers! A huge bunch of beautiful flowers!
  • You are old enough and wise. You have a job and a family. You feel like going out with your old friends. First you go to a bar and after to a night club. In the morning you decide that it’s time to go home. But you feel the danger at the thought of coming home. What shall you do? Of course you go to buy a beautiful bouquet. You are saved!

And now let’s draw. Читать далее How to draw a bouquet of roses step by step

How to draw chrysanthemums step by step

How to draw chrysanthemums step by step

Today we will talk about another flower. We will learn to draw chrysanthemum. First I would like to tell you some words about it.

  • The name chrysanthemum is derived from Greek words “chrysos” (gold) and “anthemon” (flower) – a golden flower.
  • Japane call it kiku – the sun and the flower has been cherished in Japan for a long time.
  • It is the symbol of Japan. A flower with 16 petals was officially adopted as the emblem of the Japanese royal family. And its color is certainly yellow.
  • Anyway, China takes the first place as these lovely flowers were first cultivated there in the 15th
  • Some varieties of chrysanthemum can be eaten. In Japan it is very popular.
  • And it is simply a beautiful flower and many ladies love it. So guys, give flowers to your girls!

But if you have no money for real flowers, you can always draw them. Читать далее How to draw chrysanthemums step by step

How to draw a violet step by step

I love flowers so much that I always want to draw them. I hope you also enjoy the nature and my lessons are useful for you. One of our readers drew a flower for his girlfriend and sent me a photo of it. Have a look:

Dan Winterhold flower for his girlfriend

It’s so romantic! I’m sure it is the best present for your loved one. Here’s the picture we will draw:

How to draw a violet step by step

Today I will tell you how to draw a violet. I also recommend you to draw:

  1. Pansies;
  2. Cornflower;
  3. Lilies of the valley;
  4. Narcissus;
  5. Dandelion;
  6. Water lily;

So let’s now draw our violet. Читать далее How to draw a violet step by step

How to draw daisies step by step

Floral theme is inexhaustible. There are so many various plants. Where to find the time for drawing them all? But let’s try to draw chamomile. I don’t like simply to copy the drawings. So I decided to be more original and chose that picture:

How to draw daisies by step

But first let me tell you a little about this flower:

  • The word chamomile derives from Greek which means “earth apple”.
  • There are so many species of these flowers. Some of them are used for medicinal purposes and others only for decorative purposes.

So let’s draw now. Читать далее How to draw daisies step by step