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How to draw seated man

Continuing piquant theme of the fair sex of this world, we will learn how to draw a girl sitting.

Hard to think of anything to write about a girl who just sits there, but I will say one thing — it sits in the lotus position, and this is at least something, isn’t it? But it’s not so interesting. You know, the girl — there are very cunning and brave in some moments. When God took Adam’s rib, he creates the creature, embodying the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions that you can experience for him.

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How to draw a sitting girl step by step

We go on talking about girls and today we will draw a girl that is sitting in the lotus position.

How to draw a sitting girl step by step 5

It is not easy to write about a girl who is just sitting. The fact that she is sitting in the lotus position is not so interesting either. Girls are insidious and brave creatures. I think God made something crazy with Adam’s rib, because women embody the full range of feelings and emotions. I will tell you something interesting:

  • The English word “girl” was used for both girls and boys up to the 16th And only after the scientists decided to use it only for females.
  • Girls are too self-critical. According to the surveys, only 9 % of girls consider themselves attractive.
  • American scientists made the most grandiose and important discovery. According to the research, a little amount of alcohol positively influences woman’s logic!
  • You will not believe it, but to observe balance between the sexes we need 100 million more of women on earth.

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How to draw King step by step

Long time ago there lived kings. They were great and kind, cruel and fair, attentive and tactful. Today we will draw a king. But first let’s think how the kings differed from our presidents.

  • First of all presidents do not wear mantles. It is not very comfortable to wear gilded cloaks.
  • You will never see a president with a golden mace or a cup. It would be dangerous for the government.
  • Presidents don’t have personal jesters, at least officially. Though, if to have a look at their surroundings, you might feel that you are in a circus.

If to talk about kings, there were some that caused only laughter. Though, we know their deeds and names: Richard the Lionheart, Ivan the Terrible, Humpty Dumpty.

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We can say a lot about them and you can read a lot about interesting moments of their lives. But now we will draw. Get your pencils and let’s start. Читать далее How to draw King step by step

How to draw smoke step by step

The main instinct of every living being is the instinct of self-preservation. This doesn’t let zebras jump into the lake full of crocodiles, elephants don’t jump into waterfalls and dogs bring thrown sticks back. But a human becomes the only leader and the only participant in the marathon on how to kill himself. Today we will learn to draw smoke that a cute girl exhales.

How to draw smoke step by step

Smoke is the result of the combustion of useful elements that passes through our inner organs and comes out naturally. Smoking is the most ancient way to get rid of depression, to get lung cancer, dental caries and to pay high taxes. Most of people on earth are smokers. Читать далее How to draw smoke step by step

How to draw a wizard step by step

In some parallel universe you will not find oil and fast food, and they don’t cook unicorns. There are neither iPhones nor modern cars. It’s all magic available only to the chosen and the Neo.  Theoretically you can do anything with the help of magic. Wizards can easily create bombs and radioactive emitters, but they don’t know funny stories that they could tell at the party. Today we will find out how to draw a wizard.

How to draw a wizard step by stepA wizard is a person who mastered the manipulation of different garbage. Such person is close to someone mentally ill. The distinctive features of a wizard are: a stick, a pointed hat, a long gray beard even if he is 15, constant muttering of curses.

There are rare species of wizards: a wizard – deputy. He mastered the technique of mass hypnosis and the disappearance of money. Another kind is a magician – officer. This group consists of politicians and policemen – a mad clan of magicians, who consider themselves the protectors of the world. They mostly are found in places of money distribution.

The most famous wizards are:

  • Harry Potter – an autistic boy who, under the influence of computer games suddenly turned into a great wizard of all times.
  • David Blaine is an American lord of street magic, though he is a usual trickster with a hat and a rabbit. He used to be a Copperfield’s slave, but he escaped.
  • Duncan Macleod is an invincible creature. He is one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. He is immortal so he came to know all the charm of being dead. He likes to kill with a huge kitchen knife and it makes him even more immortal than he was.

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How to draw a Snow Queen step by step

When Kai asked his grandma about snowflakes, she said that they have a queen – Snow Queen. She is flying around on her black cloud and covers everything with snow. So today we will learn how to draw a Snow Queen.

How to draw a Snow Queen step by step

The image of this cold lady appeared in the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. As every queen she has a palace and, of course, it is made from ice. She kept poor Kai there and turned his heart into a piece of ice.

The image of a lady who rules frosts and winter exists in fairy tales of many nationalities. Scandinavians have an Ice Maiden and Japanese – Yuki Onna. They all look great. If you wish to draw them, tell me about it.

Here is some interesting information about Snow Queen:

  • The lady is always very busy, she is out most of time and poor Kai must stay alone. So two questions come up here: where the hell she is and why does she need a little boy.
  • The cartoon was created in a peculiar manner: the actress performed the scenes, it was recorded and watched and later transferred on paper.
  • When Kai and Snow Queen are flying in her carriage, the birds cover their nestlings from wind and snow. Are there any nestlings in winter?

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How to draw Cinderella step by step

Girls are loving creatures. They don’t know what they want, but they need it now! How to understand what they want? Even Google doesn’t know it. And only in cartoons and fairy tales there are females who know: they want a prince on a white horse and a castle. Today we will draw Cinderella.

How to draw Cinderella step by step

All was good. She had lovely parents, enough of money and attention. But her mother passed away and dad, how it often happens, found a scarecrow with two daughters- harpies. Here the real girl’s problems start. Her father blinded by love pays no attention to her and her sisters and mother-in-law abuse the poor thing, make her clean the house, wear old clothes and clean toilets.

Poor Cinderella wants to meet her prince on a white horse. And suddenly a miracle happens: her aunt is a part-time fairy. She comes to see the girl and makes things right. She turns a pumpkin into a splendid carriage, rats into horses, old slippers in beautiful shoes and buckets into a powerful stereo. We skip the details. In the end the prince loved the stereo and he decided to marry the girl.

So let’s see what girls need to be happy:

  • Money and wealth didn’t help Cinderella. But she always had a dream and no one could take it from her. Who knows, perhaps she wouldn’t be so happy without a dream. Everyone should have a dream!
  • Aunt-fairy. Of course it’s cool to have a dream, but it’s even better with magic. But there might arise several problems. First of all, if your aunt is a fairy, there is a chance that she is a dental fairy and not the best one. Secondly, every fairy wants money for her job. Pumpkin-carriage costs not less than a real carriage.
  • Pompous stereo. If you are lucky to live in a fairy tale then every man will be happy to buy you a wedding ring, dress, will hold you in his arms and love you till the rest of your life. If you are not that lucky, than learn to cook.

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How to draw Harley Quinn step by step

Do you know her? Harley Quinn is a fictional character, a super villain in the DC Universe.

How to draw Harley Quinn step 6

As suggested by her name (a play on the word harlequin) she is clad in the manner of traditional harlequin jester. She is a frequent accomplice of Batman’s nemesis Joker and she gained her immunity to poisons and toxins from Poison Ivy. She is a talented gymnast and has mastered all kinds of weapon. And besides, she is extremely beautiful.

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How to draw school uniform step by step

On this lesson we will learn how to draw school uniform. We all love school so much, especially those who already finished it.

How to draw school uniform step by step

You usually get some piece of paper as a proof of completed studies. It also shows that you are ready to enter another colony of more strict regime. Or you could use this paper for your natural needs and then just start to work. But you will not be able to become more than a loader. And only beautiful and slender girls can make their way in our severe world.

So what are the potential advantages of our studies?

  • This is a cruel and severe school of survival. Are you capable to draw geometric figures and learn a poem? That’s great, but you need to learn how to reassure others that it was you who really did the drawing and that the poem was learnt and not written on the inside of your eyes.
  • Another important knowledge is to learn how to catch freebies. True masters of this science are students at universities.
  • School is our first real experience of teamwork. With time some of your mates will become your business partners or assistants in other great deeds. Perhaps you will even be lucky to charm your first love. So many years of co-suffering might have a positive effect.

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