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How to draw a warrior step by step

They say that a woman was created from man’s rib, as there was no better material available. For this reason a woman sometimes bears resemblance to a human, though not always. The problem is that there was little marrow in that rib and, of course, it caused tragic consequences. Some girls are too eccentric. Others can stop a horse and do manicure at the same time. Today we will find out how to draw a warrior. And as I started to talk about girls, our warrior will be a girl.

How to draw a warrior step 5

The first problem that girl must face is her wish to be fervor and cute at the same time. But it’s impossible. It’s like trying to excite billiard ball. You must develop in one direction.

The second problem is logic. It’s hard to fight something that doesn’t exist.

The third one is intuition. Dancing rumba together with logic, intuition helps replace nonexistent thing with guesses. But it’s too early to rejoice. Women’s intuition is often more effective than science.

And not every woman is tender and fragile. History knows such women who could wallop whole states. For instance:

  • Jeanne d’Arc was a symbol of fierce femininity of France. Napoleon seemed to be simply a dwarf in comparison to her. She kicked the British so hard, that they had no better idea than to burn her alive.
  • HuaMulan. Who said that Chinese girls can just synchronize Pikachu? This girl fought thousands of guys. The point is that no one even had any idea that the brutal warrior was a girl. Only when she retired and was going home she put on woman’s clothes. And that was when everyone got it. The question is: was she really so ugly than no one noticed her femininity?

Never allow your girl to learnmartial arts or attend courses of throwing heavy objects. Better to get brainstorming than have broken bones.

And now let’s start drawing a warrior girl without any fear. Читать далее How to draw a warrior step by step

How to draw tears step by step

We consist mostly of water. Apart from that we intake much water during the day, so there should be the ways of getting rid of it. We go to toilet, we sweat, but these are trifles compared to our ability to cry. Today we will learn how to draw tears.

How to draw tears step 4

Only human beings can cry. They cry and bulb, because they are weak creatures. They do not have enough willpower and they cry on every occasion while the animals are more resistant to stress. And we dare to call ourselves the superior race on our planet!

On the other hand, it is good to cry. For instance, there is evidence that tears can soothe us. If you think that the process of crying itself is relaxing, than you are wrong. In fact, tears rid the body of harmful stress hormones. And here is the result: after some crying you will feel much better. Besides tears help our eyes not to dry up. In addition, your eyesight improves after crying. This fact was approved by those who wear glasses.

But tears also have their bad side. Apart from showing you as a crybaby, the process of crying involves 43 facial muscles, while when laughing you use only 17. So you better laugh if you do not want to have wrinkles.

Reasons for tears:

  • Tears of sadness. These are tears that we pour after getting into a bad situation. Women are particularly fond of this process. The fact that they are smaller and have less fluids in their bodies doesn’t prevent them from doing this often.
  • Tears of happiness. Sometimes we cry when we are very happy, because happiness is also a kind of stress for our body. Emotionally happiness is as exhausting for us as sadness is.
  • Crocodile tears. They say, that crocodile is a killer with a soft and subtle soul. It is crying while eating its victim. But actually, it is as heartless as it is green. And these are not tears, but saliva. What a heartless beast!

So if you cry, let it be only from happiness. And don’t care about your eyes, let them dry up, but do not show others your weaknesses, as you will be treated as a weak person and will be less appreciated. If you need to cry, do it quietly and unnoticed.

And now, let’s go! Читать далее How to draw tears step by step

How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

Sakura is a mixture of sexuality and martial arts with childish innocent eyes. There is much to tell about her. And perhaps you know much more about this girl than I do.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

But I would like to tell you some interesting details:

  • Sakura was praised for her progress at Anime News Network. We can see how she develops, progresses and learns from film to film. It is praiseworthy, isn’t it?
  • Sakura actually is a cherry tree, the symbol of Japan. Its blossoms, that appear and fade so fast, show us how short our life is.
  • The longest fight is the one of Sakura against Sasori. It consists of 8 episodes. I think it needs a lot of willpower just to watch it.
  • We can also notice how Sakura’s thoughts change with time and show us The True Sakura. We all change getting older and more mature, don’t you agree?

And now let’s draw Sakura. Читать далее How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Walt Disney always created spectacular cartoons, especially at the beginning of his career. Let’s take for example the cartoon about Aladin. In fact, I like this cartoon only because an ordinary petty thief has a flying carpet and a personal genie. Of course this all may be due to his street life and genetically modified food, but I think that the directors wouldn’t make a movie about severe life at the palace. The guys went further and decided to show us all the delights of living with Sultan. Meanwhile I will show you how to draw Jasmine.

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Jasmine is eternal Aladin’s passion, daughter of Sultan and, of course, a girl of a strong will, like in all Disney’s cartoons. Actually jasmine is a flower, though it’s not unusual to call a woman “a flower”, like Rose or Bur. As we can see the girl is about 16. Don’t know whether they liked this story in China, but here such a plot would cause a lot of censure.

She attends a school for princesses. Proud and stubborn, even adventurous Jasmine always gets in trouble and expects her prince on a “white carpet” to save her. Her father doesn’t wish his daughter to be with some tramp. But being a weak person he can do nothing about it. As we can see Jasmine didn’t take after her dad.

What else can we say about this lady:

  • She is an official member of the princess gang. They are like Charlie’s Angels, just they are no angels.
  • Once she tried to be a school teacher, but one of her assistants was her tiger Rajah. That had to be frightening for poor kids!

And now let’s do our job. Читать далее How to draw Jasmine step by step

How to draw a witch step by step

At first I wanted to make a lesson how to draw a witch in Gothic style. She would be a gloomy, mystical, stern lady dressed in dark clothes and with dirty hair. But later I decided that such personage is unusual for me, so I started to look for pictures of witches on internet. I did found a good one! And now we will try to draw it. Perhaps you’ll use it for your Halloween party.

How to draw a witch step 4

Let’s start, my friends! Читать далее How to draw a witch step by step

How to draw a bride step by step

Women are the most wonderful creatures on the earth. All their life they try to look attractive and beautiful. But there is a day that differs from all other days. This is a wedding day. On that day a girl should look the most gorgeous. And today we will learn how to draw a bride in her wedding dress.

For most girls their wedding day is the most important day in life. The whole process brings them satisfaction, but the selection of the dress is compared to ecstasy. It is vital for every woman to have the most beautiful wedding dress, even if they will never wear it again. This is a matter of life and death.

How to draw a bride step 5

Every wedding dress is connected to ritual moments. White dress symbolizes purity and sincerity. In recent times a girl had to be a virgin and with her white dress she was showing her purity and sincerity for her future husband. Nowadays this is out of fashion, and a white dress is more a formality.

  • For the first time white dress appeared on the 10th of February, 1840. On this particular day Victoria, the princess of England, was wearing a white dress. Till that day women used all possible colors, including green.
  • Coco Chanel always criticized weddings. She considered that sincerity and purity should be shown with the help of more open dresses. And she was the one who designed a wedding dress that barely covered knees.
  • In 2006 brilliant designer Rene Straus together with jeweler Martin Katz designed the most expensive dress of all times. It was decorated with diamonds and was worth 12 million dollars. Though nobody has ever bought it. Is it really worth such money?

Ladies, to look excellent on your wedding day is a matter of honor. But don’t forget that you should always look wonderful, not just on your wedding day. Your man must always remember how beautiful you are. And now let’s draw our beautiful bride. Читать далее How to draw a bride step by step

How to draw a queen step by step

We have already talked a little about kingdoms and kings. Majestic, cunning, clumsy kings… They all made their mark in history. But all kings are men, and of course, every king should have his cunning and skillful queen. And today we will talk about these women and will try to draw a queen.

A man is supposed to be a master in his home. But royal families differed from ordinary ones. The king usually turned out to be some blockhead and his lovely wife ruled the whole country. Women in power is a very dangerous phenomenon which is called matriarchy. This is when a woman wants to watch love stories, to do shopping for hours or to have that wonderful box of chocolates for $500 and if you refuse to give it to her you will be easily put to death. But such phenomenon as matriarchy is out of fashion nowadays. Lucky men!

How to draw a queen step by step

But the opinion that a woman is like a monkey with grenade is more than just stereotyped. Often it was women who performed heroic feats, made important decisions, won the wars and frightened enemies. And I would like to tell you about some of them:

  • England is a matriarchal country. And it is ruled by Elizabeth II. This is the most vivid example of the fact that a woman can rule. She’s been in power for 60 years and her country is flourishing and nobody complains. She is a great girl!
  • Another outstanding figure was Ann of Kiev. In times of Kyiv Rus a lot of women married foreigners. Ann married Henry I and became a queen of France. But the most curious thing is that this fact wasn’t mentioned either in Russian or European chronicles.
  • Another famous person was Elizabeth I. She wasn’t famous for her political or heroic deeds. Her main title was virginity.  And indeed, she had no children, she was never properly married, as she was greedy for power and didn’t want to share it with anyone.

Historically it is more common for men to be political leaders. And there are reasons for that. Women are more emotional, they excessively long for wealth. Then it’s better to let them out to the battlefields, than to diplomatic meetings. I’m just kidding! Читать далее How to draw a queen step by step

How to draw a pregnant woman step by step

When God created people he had no idea that they would wish to breed. It made him furious and he expelled the first two from paradise, so they would do it out of his sight. People liked his plan and they could give birth nearly every year, so after some time they spread all over the planet and invented wheels and plastic bags. And still, the process of giving birth is the most fascinating thing of all times. And I dedicated this lesson to this particular subject. You will learn how to draw a pregnant woman.

How to draw a pregnant woman by step

Pregnancy is considered to be a kind of positive parasitizing. This process is followed usually by abdominal swelling and increased level of demands from females. There is also such term as spontaneous pregnancy, when people become aware of this only after getting a huge belly quite unexpectedly.

Advantages and disadvantages of this condition:

  • It justifies the fact that you can eat a lot and any time.
  • You can eat pickles with milk, you will feel sick anyway.
  • You don’t have to worry much what to wear and how you look.
  • With the help of pregnancy you can raise the level of attentiveness and tenderness to your personality for nine- month term.
  • If you suffer from indecision, then this problem will only increase each day.
  • You have different privileges, especially in transport.
  • If you even wish to talk to yourself, no one will consider you crazy.

And now try to draw a pregnant woman. It’s easy. Читать далее How to draw a pregnant woman step by step

How to draw Snow White step by step

Before we start drawing Snow White I would like to tell some words about this character.

All fairy tales, where a young beautiful girl is the main character, begin with sad prehistory. Once upon a time there lived a queen who couldn’t have children. And she has stopped planning it, but one day she pricked her finger with a needle, shed a few drops of blood and decided that it would be good to have a marvelous girl with pale skin and beautiful dark hair. Soon that marvel was born and the poor queen died. The king found a new queen and, as it usually happens in fairy tales, she was very malicious. Men in fairy tales have a strange taste!

How to draw Snow White step by step

Let me tell you some more interesting facts about this tale and a cartoon.

  • In 1937 Walt Disney was awarded a special and even peculiar prize Oscar for the cartoon Snow White: it was one big statue and seven little ones.
  • Throughout the tale we can observe certain numerical symbolism. For example, number 3, which appears as 3 drops of blood, symbolizes 3 attributes of Venus: belt, comb and apple – deadly gifts. Also number 7 has its meaning: seven dwarfs symbolize seven mountains. And the point actually was to say that the earth has seven partners in the universe.
  • As it turned out, the dwarfs didn’t wish to live in the forest. Evil queen sent them away as their physical characteristics didn’t match her ideal man.

But let’s stop here and get down to business. Читать далее How to draw Snow White step by step

How to draw a grandma step by step

Who loves to squeeze our cheeks? And who bakes the tastiest buns? Who will make us dress like an Eskimo when it’s only -1? Everybody has such person. Though we consider them to be from another planet, sometimes we love them more than our parents. They are our grandmas and today we will learn how to draw grandma. Those, whose grandmothers live in the country, are so lucky. You will surely have a lot of yummy foods any time. And for those who love nature, going to the village will be like heaven. Fresh air, juicy fruits and vegetables, fields. What could be better than that?! When I was a kid, I loved to eat raw corn or I stole cucumbers and devoured tons of them. It made me sick though, so better do not follow my example.

How to draw a grandma step by step

In spite of all hard times our grandparents went through (wars, hardships, poverty) they are far more kind than nowadays young people. They are so much more attentive and sensitive. They are not only heroes of our country, they are our heroes. And if our country shows love for them only in a small pension, then we do it with all our heart.

Let’s think what we could say about our grandmas:

  • First of all, you will never freeze. If you managed to escape without warm clothes, then for sure you should be a great hypnotist.
  • Secondly, you will never be hungry, even on the day of apocalypse. Actually, your empty stomach will mean that this day has come. So you better eat what your granny cooks for you.
  • Thirdly, grannies always know all better than you. Be sure, that your grandma is a member of a “secret bench organization”. But she can also operate through distance, from her village. Who knows what is hidden behind those wide fields!

But believe me, my dear friends, that your grandparents love you with all their hearts. And it doesn’t matter, that they might not understand modern technology or they probably pay you too much attention, even more than you need.

Just try to make them happy, as they do so much for you. Share your love with them, as they really deserve it. Читать далее How to draw a grandma step by step