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How to draw a fireplace step by step

It is so great to come back home after a long working day in the office. You can go back to your best friend computer or your other friend – an armchair. Perhaps lots of people imagine their rest this way. But there are better ways for that: you can sit down on a soft thick carpet in front of a chimney with an interesting book or with something tasty in your hands. Or, you could get your pencil and draw a chimney.

How to draw a fireplace step by step

A chimney is a device for making your house warm. It’s been well-known among ancient people who lived in caves. At first they used it just for getting warm. But later all had changed. People understood that they could use fire for cooking mammoths. Fire symbolizes surprise.

A fireplace looks best with the skin of a bear in front of it.

  • Fireplaces are forbidden by Greenpeace because they destroy wood;
  • It helps to remove evidence of the crime on the spot;
  • It increases your chances to charm a girl;
  • It is the black way out of your house;
  • It is a progenitor of modern heating system.

Let’s now try to draw it. Читать далее How to draw a fireplace step by step

How to draw desert step by step

There are lots of inspiring places on our planet. I have already told you about seas, forests and mountains and today we will draw a desert.

How to draw desert

A desert means deserted, empty. This is a place where not many living creatures can survive. Usually deserts are inhabited by scorpions, sands and mirages. Nobody can “tame” a desert and not only because of the absence of water. It is so hot there during the day that you can make an omelet without fire but it gets very cold at night. And still if you wish for adventures and are going to travel through the desert, don’t forget to take a survival course of Bear Grylls first. You should take a knife, flint, water bottle and write a will.

You need to know:

  • All the evil power of the desert in concentrated in its center. On its edges you can arrange the playing ground for kids and Aqua Parks.
  • Sand doesn’t mean that you are in the desert. It is possible that you are on the beach or in any other place. Remember that a desert is a place without any signs of life.
  • The only guide in the desert is the stars. All other objects that you come across there are either mirages or caravans.
  • Any vegetation you see means that there is civilization somewhere near.

And for those who don’t like to take risks and like quiet life it will be better to get pencils and draw. Читать далее How to draw desert step by step

How to draw stones step by step

Some things are easy to lose and hard to find, for instance: your phone that fell in the toilet or words said to someone in the night. But far more difficult is to find a stone thrown in the unknown direction. And a stone is a really heavy thing. Today we will learn to draw stones.

How to draw stones step by step 4

Stones are multifunctional spherical objects. They come from any possible things, but mostly from the ground. Scientists don’t know anything about their creation and how long they live, but it is known that they can lie still all the time. In general, every object of strange shape and weight can be called a stone. And any other thing that doesn’t look like stone cannot be a stone.

Stones are mostly used as construction material or as objects for unreasonable throwing. The most dangerous stones are of granite. They are the heaviest. If you take good care of a stone, it will grow big enough to be a monument. So you can change it for money.

Stones can:

  • Be profitable for doctors if they grow in your kidneys or liver;
  • The biggest stone can be a planet where there is life;
  • They don’t let water to flow through them;
  • They fly like mad in space and hit against the earth;
  • Philosopher’s stone can turn anything in gold but it doesn’t want;
  • If you keep hitting a stone you will soon get a spark;
  • If you batter someone’s head with a stone you will soon go to prison;
  • People like to throw special flat stones in water and make them jump.

Now get the pencils and start drawing. Читать далее How to draw stones step by step

How to draw a garden step by step

Usually if you live in a house you will definitely have certain things near it: a well or a small marsh for ducks and a garden with apple trees. The kids from your neighborhood will steal apples for sure, but in this case you will need a bulldog. Today we will talk about the garden.

How to draw a garden

A garden is a piece of land with trees and it’s better if they have tasty fruits. It is necessary to have a garden near your house as it is a good place for rest and concealing crimes. Every garden must have its story in which dark forces are involved, especially if your garden is situated on the territory of former cemetery.

There is another kind of garden – kindergarten. This place turns kids into real warriors. They say that Marquise de Sade used to attend a kindergarten of a strict regime.

If you suddenly found yourself in a garden then:

  • Make sure that it’s not a kindergarten. If it is – then run away as fast as you can. Otherwise you can be attacked by hungry kids.
  • You will always find a way out of the garden.
  • If you get lost, don’t worry, you will have fruits enough to eat for several days.
  • You can legally dig warms out of the ground and then go fishing.
  • In American movies someone is usually killed in the garden. They are killed and buried.

With the help of a pencil you can draw a beautiful garden. Читать далее How to draw a garden step by step

How to draw grass step by step

Scientists have no idea why our planet is called the Earth. 70 % of its surface is occupied by water and it is often called the blue sphere, though it looks more green than blue. But the forests are being destroyed so quickly that probably soon our planet will turn into a blue drop in space. Today we will learn to draw the green part of the planet – the grass.

How to draw grass

Grass is the natural linoleum covering of the planet that looks like real. Grass is usually green but sometimes it becomes dark blue under the influence of dangerous mushrooms. There is legal and illegal grass. They say that the grass is greener in the neighbor’s garden. Even cosmonauts said they managed to see the grass from the porthole.

There is also artificial grass and it is dangerous, especially if you are in the active volcano with it. It’s very convenient to have grass as a pet. It doesn’t need too much care, just to be watered sometimes. Later you can even sell it.

  • You can hide in the high grass;
  • There are a lot of grasshoppers in it;
  • You can throw your pants away after grating them against the grass;
  • Skilled people can kill with grass;
  • Dry grass burns well and is a good place to land your body;
  • If you eat too much grass you will be called vegetarian;
  • Some grass can cut metal, but not many people know about it.

Now try to draw green grass. Читать далее How to draw grass step by step

How to draw Pyramids step by step

In ancient times people were not too forward-thinking and optimistic. They thought that people will live up to 2012 and then the world will stop its existence. That’s why they didn’t possess enough knowledge to explain things. Maya wrote post-apocalyptic calendar that caused a lot of controversy and thoughts about life in general. So Egyptians built pyramids, the purpose of which excites even artists. That’s why we will learn to draw them.

How to draw Pyramids

Pyramid of Cheops belongs to the wonders of the world. It is a load of stones that bring much income from the influx of tourists. It is also an architectural masterpiece built long time ago. In ancient times when god Ra ruled the world, pyramids were used for the burial of the Pharaohs, for sacrifice, contacts with other worlds and other mass entertainment.

Pyramid proved to be very reliable construction, that’s why similar buildings were constructed in China, Mesopotamia, Mars and Las Vegas. If to believe Wikipedia, Pyramids in Egypt are called Egyptian; in China they are called Chinese, etc.

It’s impossible to understand how ordinary people managed to construct a building 146 meters high, weighing 15 tons. Perhaps aliens helped them. But I know for sure that it is much easier to draw them than to build. Читать далее How to draw Pyramids step by step

How to draw the beach step by step

One of the fancy features of seaside holiday is not the sea. It is more important to buy lots of trinkets and magnets. Otherwise it will not be considered a real holiday. There are so many other places for sunbathing, but not everywhere you will be able to collect real seashells and pebbles. Another evidence of good holiday is your photos or paintings, if you are an artist. So before you go on holiday you need to learn to draw the beach.

How to draw the beach

The beach is the place with artificially created recreational facilities. On some of them you can still find the sand, mostly in the lakes, rivers and sandpits, but it will not be too pleasant to the touch and will be full of local representatives of flora and fauna.

In a civilized society, the beach is the place to spend time and also a cultural institution. The list of what you can do there is not long:

  • Build sand castles
  • Bury your friends in the sand
  • Look for treasures, seashells and forgotten by tourists jewelry
  • Write declarations of love on the sand

But anyways, the beach brings a lot of joy and happiness to the adults and kids. If you want to bring not just simple presents but also a beautiful drawing from the beach, I recommend you first to practice with us. Читать далее How to draw the beach step by step

How to draw the Statue of Liberty step by step

Thinking about wonders of the world you will definitely imagine pyramids, hanging gardens and lighthouses. There are seven wonders of the world and I am sure you all know them. So, I wouldn’t like to talk about classic wonders. Today we will talk about modern wonders. There are so many of them that I decided to choose the Statue of Liberty.

How to draw the Statue of Liberty step by step 5

The Statue is the symbol of inexhaustible human’s sense of irresponsibility towards nature. How a huge woman with a torch can signify liberty? Only Americans can know this. But if to look under the woman’s skirt we will see that she is standing on broken chains. Poor woman! First she worked for lighthouse service and she did quite well. Later she was promoted and she transferred to the Military Department. But then middle age crisis and constant drinking with hippies made her get in touch with the National Park Service and a beautiful lady turned into a monument.

  • But the thing is that the lady is actually French. She is a gift to the United States from the people of France. She is a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. She bears a tablet upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.
  • She works 24 hours a day without days off. She was closed only once 11.09.2001 – 03.08.2004. The reason was very sad – terrorist attacks.
  • Green is not the natural color of freedom. First the lady was white, but under the influence of acid rains she has acquired a greenish tint.

The lady will be there for many and many years if aliens or terrorists don’t destroy her. Did you notice that they love to do it in modern movies?

Let’s draw now. Читать далее How to draw the Statue of Liberty step by step

How to draw circus step by step

How to draw circus

Animals are extremely clever. Sometimes they do such tricks, that I cannot do anything else but be amazed. They can be acrobats, they jump, they are accurate and gracious. And they do it to make kids and adults happy, as adults enjoy the circus even more than kids. That’s why both kids and adults will be interested to know some interesting facts about circus:

  • A lot of kids in the world are scared of clowns. According to the statistics, one of five children has this problem. But still every circus has clowns who cheer them.
  • Coliseum is the biggest circus ever. It is also very famous. Though before it was used for gladiatorial contests and other public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, etc.
  • Animals appeared in the circus in 1838. Among them you could see lions, tigers, leopards and panthers. And the first tricks with animals were to put tamer’s head in their jaws!

And now we can start drawing. Читать далее How to draw circus step by step

How to draw planets step by step

How to draw planets

Today we will learn to draw planets. But first I would like to tell you something interesting:

  • Our solar system consists of the sun and assortment of objects orbiting around it.
  • According to public opinion, it turned out that many people believe that the sun goes round the earth. No comments! I hope there are no people like this among you, my friends!
  • The sun appeared 4,6 billion years ago. I guess there are no living witnesses to this.
  • The temperature of prominence is 6000 Kelvin. Inside of the star the temperature seizes 13 500 000 Kelvin. I cannot compare it to anything!
  • The planets of our Solar System are: Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We live on the third planet from the Sun. Congratulations!
  • Pluto is the second-most-massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System and the tenth-most-massive body observed directly orbiting the Sun.

Ok, and now let’s try to draw the planets. Читать далее How to draw planets step by step